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Last modified: May 27, 2024

I’m a practitioner. Can I discount products for patients?

Dispensaries set up to make a profit can set patient-level and dispensary-level discounts for patients. Both discount types apply to all products ordered through your dispensary; discounts can’t be applied to select brands or products.

Patient-level discounts only apply to the selected patient, while a dispensary-level discount, such as an Autoship & save discount or a patient promotion, can apply to all patients in the dispensary. Although you can adjust all discount types, it’s worth noting that patient discounts will be in addition to any dispensary discounts you set. See Dispensary & individual patient discounts for help managing various discounts on the Fullscript platform.


Consider offering a first product order discount to encourage a patient’s first order. Click the + 1st product order discount option while adding new patients or editing an existing patient’s profile (without a first-order) to set this one-time discount. Be aware that increasing a patient’s discount decreases your margin percentage and vice versa.

Patients of no-profit dispensaries receive a 10% discount off all products. This discount can’t be adjusted and applies to all patients and products in the dispensary. 

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