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Last modified: July 10, 2024

Global patient access settings


Global patient access or global client access unlocks the ability to assign patients to specific practitioners in a dispensary. This can be used to restrict patient profile access from all practitioners, and to generate earnings reports (patient owner compensated model) to allocate earnings to respective practitioners. Additionally, this setting has implications for the sharing of multi-patient plans with patients. 


Your dispensary terminology settings determine the name of this setting in your dispensary. It may be labeled global patient access or global client access, but the functionality is the same.

When global patient access is ON:

  • All practitioners can write supplement plans for all patients.
  • Additional practitioners can share plans with all patients in the dispensary.
  • Additional practitioners are unable to edit or cancel plans written by other practitioners.

When global patient access is OFF:


Clerk accounts cannot create or share multi-patient plans or templates, regardless of the global patient access settings. However, they can apply templates to individual patient plans.

  • Imported patients are assigned to the practitioner importing the patient list. Patient lists imported by clerks are assigned to the dispensary owner (primary practitioner). 

Turning global patient access on/off

Dispensary owners have control over this setting. Staff members (clerks and additional practitioners) can’t modify global patient access.


Please ensure that this setting complies with the HIPAA policy of your practice.

To toggle global patient access on or off:

  1. Select the practitioner menu, then select Dispensary settings.
  2. Select Permissions.
  3. Under the Practitioner tab, find the Feature settings card and use the toggle to enable or disable global patient access.
Patient access setting
  1. Click Save change in the confirmation window.


You can update patient access settings at any time.

Assigning patients to practitioners

With global patient access disabled, existing patients can be assigned to one or more practitioners directly from their profiles. By default, patients are assigned to the practitioner who added them to the dispensary or to the practitioner the supplement plan was assigned to (if written by a clerk). Patients added via patient import are assigned to the uploading practitioner.

As part of administrative responsibilities, clerks can assign and unassign patients to practitioners in a dispensary from their profiles. However, patient imports completed by clerks will be assigned to the dispensary owner (primary practitioner). Assignments can be managed later from patient profiles.

To manage practitioner assignments in patient profiles:

  1. Click the Patients or Clients tab.
  2. Search and select a patient.
  3. Click the More options ( ) button.
More options
  1. Click the Practitioner drop-down menu and select all practitioners that should have access to the patient. Multiple practitioners can be selected.
Click the Practitioner drop-down menu and select all practitioners that should have access to the patient.
  1. Click Save patient


Follow the same steps above to unassign practitioners from patients.

Assigning or reassigning multiple patients

You can also assign or reassign multiple patients at the same time from the Patients page. To select and reassign multiple patients:

  1. Select any or all of the patients in the list using the checkbox(es) on the left side of the list.
Selecting the desired patients
  1. Click the More options ( ) button at the top of the patient list, then select Assign a practitioner.
  2. Select the practitioner you’d like to assign the patient(s) to, then click Done.


The bulk patient assignment feature is only available to store owners.

Assigning unassigned patients

If you have patients that aren’t currently assigned to a practitioner, a banner will appear on the Patients page. To view unassigned patients, click View patient(s) in the banner. You can assign them individually or, if you’re the store owner, use the bulk assignment feature described above.

Click View patient(s) to show unassigned patients.
Click View patient(s) to show unassigned patients.
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