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Last modified: May 23, 2024

How to schedule refills with Autoship


Scheduling Autoship orders takes the hassle out of re-ordering the products you need to stay on track with your supplement plan. If you reorder products frequently, consider Autoship to avoid running out and stressing over refills. All products can be added to Autoship! Look for the Add to Autoship option on products in your plans, catalog, order history, or Autoship page to get started. Take a look at our Autoship with Fullscript: How it works article or our How to schedule refills with Autoship video to learn more.


When you register for Autoship, you expressly acknowledge and agree that your Practitioner is automatically authorized to charge you for orders according to your chosen delivery schedule until you cancel. Read more about our Autoship Terms and Conditions here.

Scheduling Autoship orders from the ‘Autoship’ page

Visit the Autoship page to add previously ordered products to an Autoship order seamlessly. 

To schedule refills from the Autoship page:

  1. Go to the Autoship page by selecting Autoship from the top navigation menu. On mobile devices, select the menu (  ), then tap Autoship.
  2. Schedule previously ordered products on Autoship by clicking Schedule with Autoship. After your first product is added, scroll down to the Previously ordered products heading to add more products.
    Schedule with Autoship


You can also schedule previously ordered products to ship automatically from your Order history page.

  1. From the modal, select the number of units and your shipment frequency.  Once you’re satisfied, click Schedule.
    Setting up your Autoship schedule for your first item.
  2. From the Shipping & Billing menu, add or select your shipping address and payment method.
    Shipping and billing information


All required information must be provided to schedule automated refills successfully. Any missing information or required updates will be communicated by a banner on your Autoship page or by email.

Scheduling Autoship orders from your shopping cart

To schedule products on Autoship while placing your next order, select the Autoship every menu in the shopping cart and select a shipping frequency. Your billing, payment, and shipping information for the following Autoship orders will be set with the current order’s details, but you can visit the Autoship page to make changes at any time. With this option, Autoship won’t be activated if the order isn’t placed.

Keep in mind:

  • Any products sharing a shipping frequency will ship together; multiple Autoship orders will be created if multiple frequencies are selected.
  • You can refer to the dose-supply calculation in your cart to align your shipping frequency with your supply needs. This is calculated using the volume and dosage indicated in your plan.
  • If you don’t place an order, Autoship orders won’t be activated.
Setting up Autoship from your cart
Adding products to an Autoship order from the shopping cart.


Go to your Autoship page to manage your shipment(s) at any time.

Scheduling Autoship orders from the product display page

When viewing the product display page for a specific item, you can easily set up an Autoship. To set up an Autoship from the product display page:

  1. Click the Autoship checkbox.
  2. Using the dropdown menu, select the frequency you’d like your Autoship to be processed at.
  3. Click Schedule with Autoship.
  4. In the pop-up that appears, review and adjust the details of the Autoship and click Schedule.
Scheduling an Autoship from the product display page.
Scheduling an Autoship from the product display page.

Scheduling Autoship from a supplement plan or the catalog

To add a product to an Autoship schedule from the catalog or a treatment plan:

  1. Click the options menu ( ).
  2. Then, click Schedule with Autoship.
    Options menu on the product card

  3. Select the quantity to order and a shipping frequency, then click Schedule.
    Setting quantity and schedule, then clicking Schedule

  4. When redirected to the Autoship page, enter or select your shipping address and payment information.
Setting up Autoship from the catalog
Scheduling products on Autoship from the catalog.

Your first Autoship order

Important notes about your first Autoship order:

✔   When scheduling your Autoship from the Autoship page, your first order won’t be placed immediately. If you’ve requested a frequency of every three weeks, for example, your first shipment date will be 3 weeks from the creation date. Refer to the Next order date on your Autoship page to make sure your ship date aligns with your supply needs.

✔   We’ll send two reminder emails before your first ship date — one week before and one day before your first ship date. These emails include a summary of the products to be ordered and associated charges. Your payment method won’t be charged until your order is placed.

✔   An automated order confirmation email, including your order summary and charges, is sent every time an order is placed.

✔   You can cancel or modify your Autoship shipment(s) from the Autoship page any time before your next ship date. Changes to products and quantities won’t impact your shipping frequency or next ship date.

✔   Orders without heat-sensitive items default to our standard shipping option and arrive within 4-7 business days. All heat-sensitive shipments default to our priority option and arrive in 1-3 business days. Applicable shipping charges vary by your order subtotal and region. Learn how to change your delivery method here.

Autoship order changes & cancellations

You can modify your Autoship orders at any time from the Autoship page in your account, but it’s important to note that changes won’t affect orders that have already been placed. Additionally, due to our efficient fulfillment times, we can’t cancel or make changes to an order once it’s placed.

Select the type of change you need to make to learn more:


If your Autoship order has been processed and there’s an error with the shipping address, please contact our Customer Success team. We’ll do our best to correct or reroute the package for you.

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