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Last modified: July 18, 2024

DrChrono by EverHealth Integration

An introduction to DrChrono

DrChrono by EverHealth is a patient care platform that offers customization at the point of care and on the go. DrChrono supports scheduling, billing, patient reminders, and much more. With this cloud-based, mobile-friendly EHR solution, practitioners can provide healthcare on-demand with the most innovative tools currently available.


The DrChrono + Fullscript integration is available for US dispensaries only.

Integration setup: DrChrono + Fullscript

Both practitioners and staff account types are able to integrate. However, each dispensary can only support one DrChrono account and vice versa. 

To integrate DrChrono + Fullscript:

  1. While logged in to DrChrono, go to DrChrono’s Marketplace and find the Fullscript App listing.
    select the fullscript app from the doctor chrono marketplace.
  2. Select Get Started Now and log in with your Fullscript credentials. If you don’t already have an account, click Create an account to sign up.
    The login page for Fullscript.
  3. Review the data permissions and select Authorize.


If you see a Connection already made message when authorizing, it means an account has already been connected. This is most likely to happen to staff attempting to authorize the integration for a clinic with multiple providers. If this happens, we recommend using an incognito window to set up other providers. This would eliminate the possibility of cookies populating the most recently used login credentials automatically.

Creating recommendations in DrChrono

DrChrono has embedded the Fullscript supplement plan building experience that practitioners know and love into this integration. That means you get to experience the perks of writing Fullscript recommendations such as access to favorites & categories, discounts, and templates without leaving your DrChrono workstation.

To use this Fullscript experience, you need to navigate to the APPS section in DrChrono when writing your next clinical note. There, you can recommend supplements using Fullscript’s extensive catalog and your favorites list.

When a treatment plan is written, information is auto-saved to the Plan section of your SOAP note, specifically in the General Comment Instructions field.


Want to note the recommendation elsewhere within the chart? Once a recommendation is sent we show a success page with the option to view a plain text summary that you can easily copy and paste anywhere in the charting experience.

To write a new recommendation in DrChrono:

  1. Navigate to a clinical note.


Any clinical notes in start or edit mode can be accessed by selecting Clinical, then Clinical Notes from the top menu. Otherwise, you can create a new clinical note by booking an appointment for a patient, then selecting View Clinical Note.

Creating a new appointment page.
  1. Go to APPS and select Fullscript located beneath the Preview Note button.
    Get to Fullscript App button.
  2. Start a recommendation for one of the providers in the authorized Fullscript account. If there are multiple providers, select the corresponding provider. Additional practitioners in multi-practitioner dispensaries will not see this option as they can’t write treatment plans on behalf of other providers.
    Starting a nre prescription.
  3. Match or add the patient record to a Fullscript patient. If the patient record already exists on Fullscript, search the Fullscript patient list to find a match. Otherwise, the provider can select Create new patient to add a new patient record on Fullscript.
    The create a new patient button.


The patient list in DrChrono will almost always be different from the patient list in Fullscript. We attempt to match by first and last names of patients as charts are opened in DrChrono. We can’t match by email because, at this time given, patient email isn’t a required field in DrChrono. A very low percentage of patients have an email entered in DrChrono — less than 20%.

  1. Write the recommendation in DrChrono using Fullscript’s plan builder. Add products from categories, apply suitable protocols, or search for products using the catalog and available filters, then add dosage instructions.
    add products using the fullscript treatment plan builder

    Favorites and patient history are also accessible in the product drawer. Select Add products to access these pages.

    search products from patient history
  2. When finished, select Send recommendation from the bottom of the page. Patients are sent a new recommendation email directing them to activate or log into their Fullscript patient account. 
  3. Once a recommendation is sent we show a success page with the option to view a plain text summary that can be easily copied and pasted anywhere within the charting experience.

Viewing recommendations in DrChrono

Recommendations are synced to the General Instruction Comments field found in the SOAP tab within the Plan page.

Viewing a recommendation in the General Instructions Comment field of a patients clinical note.
Viewing a recommendation in the General Instructions Comments field of a patient’s clinical note.

The General Instruction Comments field is included by default in the SOAP note, but these sections are highly customizable, and the field may have been removed/moved if it wasn’t actively used. Users can reset to the default form to restore it; however, this will reset any other customizations they’ve made to this form and/or field. 

resetting the soap plan form to default configurations.
Resetting the SOAP Plan form to default configuration to restore the General Instruction Comments field.


Whether the General Instruction Comments field is active or not, patients will continue to receive recommendation notifications via email whenever a new recommendation is sent and access their recommendations from their Fullscript account.

Deactivating the integration and unlinking practitioner accounts

You can deactivate this integration if an unintended Fullscript account has been integrated in error or if you no longer want Fullscript integrated with your DrChrono instance.

To deactivate the Fullscript integration:

  1. In DrChrono, go to Account, then App Directory.
  2. Click Deauthorize.
    Deauthorizing fullscript in doctor chrono
  3. In Fullscript, go to Account settings and click Disconnect account at the bottom of the page.
    Deactivate integration in Fullscript.

Video: Integration setup and sending recommendations

Frequently asked questions

How much does DrChrono cost?

DrChrono offers four pricing tiers: Prometheus, Hippocrates, Apollo, and Apollo Plus. All new DrChrono users will receive a 15% discount on the first year of their subscription. 

How long does it take to implement DrChrono?

Implementation time is highly dependent on how quickly you want to set up DrChrono. Typically speaking, implementation takes a couple of weeks for highly motivated practitioners. DrChrono also provides paid users with an account manager and one-on-one training to support practitioners.

Does DrChrono have a patient portal?

Yes, onPatient allows anyone to create a patient account. You can enable your patients to schedule their appointments online, check in, send secure messages, view their health records, and make e-payments. Currently, Fullscript does not integrate with OnPatient.

Why do I have to create patients in the Fullscript section of DrChrono?

Fullscript finds a match based on first and last name. You’ll need to match patients in DrChrono with patients in your Fullscript account. You can create new patients through the integration if they don’t already exist on Fullscript.

What if I would prefer to show details of my treatment plan somewhere else besides the ‘General Instruction Comments?’

We recognize that each account has adopted a workflow that makes sense for them. While we have some limitations on where we can publish the details of the treatment plan, we have created a plain text summary on the success page following the sending of a treatment plan that will allow you to copy and paste the details elsewhere within the chart.

What are the system requirements to use DrChrono?

The DrChrono EHR works on any Windows or Mac computer with internet access and most iOS devices. With this EHR, a few minimum requirements must be reached:

Browser requirements

The DrChrono EHR supports only three browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Browsers used must be kept up to date.

Hardware requirements

The DrChrono EHR officially supports only two operating systems: Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. Your device must meet the minimum hardware requirements and run a supported version of either operating system. 

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows: Windows 7 or above
  • Macintosh: macOS 10.12 or above

The hardware requirements for each operating system is found here:

Is the Fullscript integration available via the DrChrono mobile app?

Our integration is not available via the mobile app. Typically, 3rd party integrations aren’t compatible with the mobile app.

Is in-office checkout available via this integration?

No, in-office checkout is not available in DrChrono.

Can I create protocols through this integration?

No, they must be created directly in Fullscript. Protocols in DrChrono are read-only.

Can a practitioner use Fullscript through the patient list iframe option in DrChrono?

No. Our integration is only available via clinical notes, not the patient list. If you’re interested in this integration being available in the patient list, send us an email at to let us know!

Can a practitioner edit a treatment plan that has already been sent to the patient?

No, a net new treatment plan needs to be written. To invoke the treatment plan writing experience for a second time, you need to navigate away from the Fullscript integration and go back (via APPs) to write additional treatment plans.


Recommendations can be edited directly in Fullscript if necessary.

I’m trying to activate the integration, but it keeps saying ‘Connection already made’ when I click ‘Authorize.’ What do I do?

This means one of the accounts you’re using to connect has already been connected. Please try again and ensure you have the correct email addresses logged into.

If the error persists, try using an incognito window to set up the integration. An incognito window will eliminate the possibility of cookies interfering and attempting to use the most recently entered credentials.

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