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Last modified: July 10, 2024

Dispensary email addresses and managing email notifications


In your dispensary and account settings, you’ll be asked to provide an email address in several places. In each instance, the address that you provide will be used for a different purpose. This article describes where to find each email address field and the purpose each address will serve.

Email address fields and purposes

Email address fieldPagePurpose
Contact emailDispensary info
Public information emailBasic info
  • Our support team may provide this address to your clients if they need to contact you regarding their supplement plan.
Login informationSecurity
  • The email to be used for logging in to your practitioner account.
Notification emailPreferences
  • Depending on your settings, you’ll receive notifications regarding new patient account activations, patient orders, and shipments to the address provided here.
  • Used to receive plan requests from your assigned patients.


You can’t use an email that’s already being used by another account for Login information or Notification email. If it’s being used by someone else, you have to remove it from the existing account before you can use it. Learn more.

Managing your notifications

If you’d like to receive fewer notifications, you can adjust the toggles found in your Notification settings. These toggles control different types of notification emails and can be modified whenever you want.

Turn patient account activation, patient order, or shipment notifications on or off
Turn patient account activation, patient order, or shipment notifications on or off.


For Profit dispensaries, notifications regarding payouts cannot be turned off, and will be sent to the contact email that you provide in Dispensary info.

Sub-practitioner notifications management

If you’re a sub-practitioner, the notifications that you might receive will be affected by the primary practitioner’s global patient access settings.

If global patient access is turned on, confirmation emails regarding patient orders will be sent to the patient’s assigned practitioner, with all other practitioners in the dispensary being CC’d.

If global patient access is turned off, order confirmation emails will only be sent to the patient’s main practitioner.

Ensuring you can receive emails from Fullscript

Here are some examples of how you can go about marking our email addresses as safe, so our messages aren’t sent to your spam or junk folder. Depending on the email provider, the steps to mark addresses safe may differ. The following are some of the most common:


To have Fullscript as a safe sender in a Gmail account, a filter will need to be created to make sure that messages from Fullscript addresses are never sent to the spam folder.

To create a filter in Gmail:

  1. In the search box at the top, click Show search options ( ).
  2. In the From field, type and
  3. In the bottom right, click Create filter.
  4. Check Never send it to Spam.
  5. Click Create filter.


These instructions can be found in the Gmail Help center.


For an outlook account, Fullscript addresses will need to be added to the safe mailing lists.

To add Fullscript to Safe mailing lists in Outlook:

  1. Open your Safe Senders settings.
  2. Under Safe senders and domains, enter and, and select Add.
  3. To add a mailing list to your safe senders, enter the mailing list under Safe mailing lists and select Add.
  4. Select Save.


These instructions can be found in the Microsoft support pages.


Yahoo users will need to create a new filter, including a new rule, to ensure that Fullscript emails are correctly sorted into their inbox.

To create a filter in Yahoo:

  1. Click the Settings icon ( ), then select More Settings( ).
  2. Click Filters.
  3. Click Add new filters.
  4. Enter the filter name, set the filter rules (including the sender emails), and choose or create a folder for the emails.
  5. Click Save at the bottom.


These instructions can be found in the Yahoo! support pages.

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