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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Plan requests


In support of our brands’ commitment to practitioner-led care, some brands are now only available via plans. Although new patients won’t have access to plan-only products in your open catalog, they can now request supplement plans, which are proven to boost patient adherence.


Ortho Molecular and Apex Energetics are currently the only brands with these restrictions as of January 22, 2024.

Actioning a plan request

When patients find a plan-only product in your Fullscript catalog, they can request a plan in just two clicks.

To fulfill a plan request for a patient:

  1. You’ll receive an email from us with the product they’re interested in. Select Create plan to open a new plan with that product and the patient pre-populated.
    A plan request email.

  2. Adjust the recommended dosage and add other products and notes.


Requested products may have alternatives that promote adherence or are more accessible for patients. When alternatives are available, the View plan optimizations button will appear on the plan review page. Learn more.

  1. Select Send to patient . Your patient will be able to purchase (and refill) the products in the plan.


See The supplement plan tool for more on sending supplement plans.

How patients submit supplement plan requests

Patients browsing the Fullscript catalog can view plan-only products but won’t be able to add them to their cart. Instead, patients can request a new plan.

To submit a plan request patients will:

  1. Locate and select the product in the patient catalog.
  2. In the Restricted product section, select Request access. The patient will receive a confirmation email letting them know the request was sent.
    The request access button.


If the Request access button is greyed out and unresponsive, the patient has already requested access to this product.

  1. If the request is granted, the patient will be able to purchase (and refill) the products in the plan.


If a patient is looking to make their purchase right away, they can select See similar products to find similar items curated by our Integrative Medical Advisory team.

Plan-only products in the patient catalog

Products that are plan-only will be marked as such in the catalog. With an open catalog, patients will be able to see plan-only products, but they won’t be available to purchase immediately, with a few exceptions:

  • Previously ordered products: If a patient had ordered a product before it was made plan-only, they can still purchase it through their order history and the catalog.
  • Multi-patient plans: Depending on the brand, practitioners will be restricted from adding plan-only products to any new or existing multi-patient plans. However, if a plan-only product is present on an existing multi-patient plan, it won’t be removed, and patients will still be able to purchase it. 
  • Autoship: If a patient already has a plan-only product in their Autoship, it’ll remain until it’s removed. If it’s removed from their Autoship, they’ll need to request a plan if they wish to re-add it.


The product request email will only go to the patient’s assigned practitioner using the email listed under the Security tab. If the requesting patient is unassigned, it’ll default to the dispensary owner. To action the request, you must sign in using the login details of the person who received the email. Alternatively, you can create a new plan for the patient.

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