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Last modified: July 17, 2024

Payout reports

Payout reports

Various reports are available for accounts that have opted to make a profit. These reports, including Payout reports, can be viewed and downloaded from the Financial reports page, accessible after your first successful payout.

A report is generated for each payout period and provides a breakdown of earnings from your patient orders. All proceeds are paid with the order’s first successful shipment with subsequent cancelations (i.e., canceled backorders) deducted later.


Reports may not be accessible by additional practitioners or staff but are always accessible to dispensary owners. Owners can extend reporting access to other accounts from the Permissions page in Dispensary settings.

Receiving your payouts

Payouts are only available if you opt in to make a profit of patient orders. As orders ship, earnings accrue and are triggered as a lump sum payout to your active bank account every 30 days. For more information about how payouts are deposited, please see Receiving your payouts (profit dispensaries only).


To view your balance and next payout date, visit your Payouts and tax page (US dispensaries) or Payments page (Canadian dispensaries).

Viewing payout reports

To view a payout report:

  1. From the practitioner menu, go to Reports — accessible after your first successful payout.
    Practitioner menu expanded to access financial reports.

  2. Beneath the Payout Reports heading, click View payout reports.
    Selecting view payout reports

  3. Your current payout balance (if any) is displayed first. These are proceeds that will be deposited with your next payout. Refer to Your next payout date below the balance for your next deposit date.


It can take 1-3 business days for payouts to appear in your bank account.

  1. To view previous payout statements, select a date from the Select a payout menu.
    Selecting a payout


Select Download as CSV to download payout reports for your records.

Earnings availability

All net proceeds from an order are added to your Available payout statement when an order’s first shipment is shipped. Proceeds from unfulfilled products will be included with net proceeds and deducted later if canceled.

Available earnings
A payout displaying Available earnings to be paid out on the next scheduled payout date.

Payout report headings

Below are descriptions of the headings found in your payout reports.

Payout headingsDescription

Fullscript order number.

ShipmentShipment reference number.
ReturnThe return merchandise authorization (RMA) number.
DateThe date the shipment shipped, the refund was received, or date of cancellation (UTC).
PatientName of patient account affiliated with the order.
MSRPTotal retail price for all products in the order. 
Patient discountDiscount applied to order ($).
Selling priceOrder total after patient discount.
Cost of goodsFullscript fees deducted.
Net proceedsThe order’s net earnings to be paid.


The cancellations section includes deductions resulting from product cancellations that occurred during the payout period. This includes requested cancellations from patients after part of their order has shipped and automatic backorder cancellations that weren’t fulfilled within 21 calendar days.

A cancellation in a payout report
A cancellation in a payout report.


All net proceeds are added to your payout when the order’s first successful shipment is shipped. Cancellations (i.e., net proceeds that were previously paid) thereafter must be subtracted to adjust the balance.


Orders in the Returns section represent product returns stemming from patient orders that were shipped successfully. These returns are deducted from your payout balance when the return is processed. It’s possible proceeds from the order are paid in a previous payout.

A return in a payout report
A return in a payout report.
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