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Last modified: May 28, 2024

Building your wholesale order

Placing your first wholesale order

Before you place your first wholesale order, you’ll need to finish setting up your dispensary and your credential must be approved. Select Complete my account to:

✔ Select the state you practice in.

✔ Upload your credentials or enter your NPI number for instant approval. For the upload credential path, professional licenses, permits to practice, degrees, or diplomas are all acceptable documentation.

After uploading your healthcare credentials, you can browse the catalog and start building your order. When approved, click on your shopping cart to proceed to checkout and place your order.


We’ll send an email when new credentials are reviewed and approved, then you’re ready to place your first wholesale order. Reviews are typically completed within 1 business day.

Resale certificate holders only

Submit your sales tax exemption request to place your order tax-free! Go to Wholesale policies to learn more, generate your link, and apply for tax exemption.


You can place an order without submitting this request. We will honor sales tax refunds if your tax exemption form is approved and a refund is requested within 5 business days.

Clerk and additional practitioner ordering

Clerks and additional practitioners of a dispensary can also place wholesale orders through their individual accounts. Each user’s cart is unique, meaning – modifying your cart won’t affect other users in the dispensary.


MAP policy acceptance is restricted to dispensary owners only.

Adding products to your cart from the catalog

To add products to your wholesale order from the catalog:

  1. Select the Catalog tab. On mobile devices, tap the menu icon ( ), then Catalog.
    The catalog tab on the homepage
  2. In the search field, search for products by name, brand, ingredients, condition, or supplement type.
    Using the search bar to search the catalog
  3. Select a product to view its description and ingredients list.
  4. Add products to your order by selecting Add to cart.
    Use the +/- selectors to indicate how many to add to your cart.
    Modify the quantity of a product before adding it to your cart.

Favoriting products for speedy reordering

You can also add your favorited products to your wholesale cart. Find them by clicking Catalog under the Wholesale heading, and then clicking Favorites. To learn more, see Catalog favorites and categories.

Finding your favorites to build a wholesale order.
Accessing favorted products to fill wholesale orders.

Ordering previously ordered products

You can also repurchase products from past orders.

To access your past orders:

  1. Select the Catalog tab. On mobile devices, tap the menu icon ( ), then Catalog.
  2. Click the Orders tab, which should appear underneath Catalog in the navigation bar.
    Finding past wholesale orders
  3. Select your order number to view previously ordered products and select Add to cart on the specific item you’d like to reorder.
    Adding a product to your wholesale cart from a past wholesale order.

Add multiple products to your cart from your wholesale order history

To add multiple products to your cart, use the checkboxes to the left of each item, and the dropdown to the top left of the product list.

Selecting multiple products from a wholesale order and adding them to the wholesale cart
Adding multiple products to a wholesae shopping cart from wholesale order history.

Repeat a past order

To repeat a past order, click on Place order again. This will place all products from the past order into your cart.

Place order again button
Placing a repeat order from your order history.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to select specific products from a past order to be placed in your cart.

Proceeding to checkout

When you’re happy with the products in your cart, you’re ready to check out. In checkout, you’ll need to provide your shipping and billing addresses, payment information, and select your shipping method before placing your order.

Once placed, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your order number and order summary.


Take a look at Wholesale checkout experience for a step-by-step walkthrough of the checkout process!

Video: How to build and place a wholesale order

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