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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Sharing templates with colleagues

Sharing templates

Sharing templates with colleagues allows you to:

  • Help colleagues save time when creating supplement plans.
  • Work more collaboratively to see what your colleagues are including in their plans.
  • Share your versions of multi-patient plans authored by your colleagues with all or select patients.
  • Preserve plans that you’ve created, and allow your staff to access them to improve your shared workflow.


Clerks and staff have access to templates for creating supplement plans for individual patients, but cannot create or share new templates.

Sharing templates with colleagues

To share a template with the other practitioners in your dispensary:

  1. Click on Plans in the navigation bar, then Templates
Selecting Plans, then Templates
  1. Select the template you’d like to share.
  2. In the drawer, click the Modify access tab
The modify access tab
  1. Choose whether you’d like all staff members to have access to the template, or only specific staff.
  2. Click Save.
Save after modifying access


Practitioners who would like to modify a template will have a copy of that template generated that they can save under a different name. The original template can only be changed by it’s author.

Creating copies of peer-authored templates

If you’d like to create a new version of an existing template, a copy can be made via the supplement plan tool, as only the template author can edit an existing template.


Copying a peer-authored template is not necessary to share it as a supplement plan with patients. If you have access to the template, you can use it for individual or multiple patients. For more details, refer to Creating and applying templates.

To create a new template from an existing one:

  1. Click on Plans in the navigation bar, then Templates
Selecting Plans, then Templates.
  1. Select the template you’re like to modify.
  2. Click Add to plan.
Build plan button in the template drawer.
  1. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click the Review button.
  2. Under the Template for heading, select who you’d like to share the template with.
Selecting access for a template.
  1. Give your new version of the template a new name and make any modifications or updates you would like.
Naming a template
  1. Click Save template.

Editing peer-authored templates

It’s not possible to edit an existing template that was created by a peer or colleague. You can copy a template to make changes, but changes will only affect your version. See the Creating copies of peer-authored templates section above for more information.

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