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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Setting product dosage instructions in supplement plans


Dosage instructions are customizable from the supplement plan tool when building plans for an individual patient or creating a multi-patient plan. Dosages set in supplement plans can be updated anytime and reflected in patient accounts immediately. Setting dosage instructions helps patients better plan and place orders that’ll last for the plan’s duration.

When setting dosage instructions for products in plans or protocols, you can:

  1. Use supplier dosage instructions to replicate dosage instructions as they appear on the label.
  2. Set custom dosage instructions for products to individualize the plan.
  3. Use text-only dosage instructions to provide text instructions as plain text.
  4. Overwrite default dosage instructions to auto-populate the dosage settings the next time you add the product to a plan or protocol.


Dosage instructions determine the timing of automated refill reminders when an order is placed. These reminders have been shown to encourage refills that help keep patients adherent.

About default dosage instructions

As you add products to plans and protocols, dosage instructions auto-populate with the last default dosage saved for that product. Supplier dosage instructions are the default for new products you recommend.


Default dosage instructions can be customized and saved for the next time you add the product to a plan or protocol — learn how!

Using supplier dosage instructions

Supplier dosage instructions reflect the brand’s recommended dosage as indicated on the label. These are auto-filled by default but can be overwritten by saving custom instructions as the product’s default instructions. Supplier dosage instructions trigger advanced refill reminders.

To apply supplier dosage instructions, select the More options icon ( ) under the product, then click Dosage. Then, select Supplier from the menu. This is particularly useful when you have custom dosage instructions saved but prefer to use the supplier’s instructions for a specific patient.

Setting supplier dosage instructions
Applying supplier dosage instructions to a recommended product.


You can revert saved custom dosage instructions with the default supplier dosage instructions for a product by clicking the more options menu (  ), selecting Supplier dosage, selecting the more options menu again, then selecting Save as default.

Customizing dosage instructions

When a product is added to a supplement plan, default dosage instructions are populated but can be customized to meet the patient’s needs.

To edit dosage instructions, use the dosage menus located beneath the product. You can adjust the number of units (i.e., capsules, gels, etc.), the frequency of consumption/use, and the duration the product should be used for. Use the text box directly below these settings to add other notes.

Product dosage toggles
Find the dosage toolbar between the product image and the text box.


Save custom dosage instructions as the product’s default dosage instructions by selecting the more options menu ( ), then Save as default.

Choosing a duration

Setting a duration indicates how long the product should be taken/used to see the supplement plan through. This information helps patients calculate how many units they should order to adhere to their plan without running out, which can lead to cost savings over time.

When the duration isn’t set, we’ll post a reminder to the right of the plan that explains the benefits of communicating a duration of use to patients. One benefit to specifying duration is to help patients make smarter purchasing decisions, such as quantity and bottle size, that can lead to cost savings. This feature also affects Autoship prompts displayed to patients, which is shown to improve patient adherence over time.

Setting a duration for a product
Selecting a recommended duration for a product in a supplement plan.

Using text-only dosage instructions

Switch to text-only when specific dosage instructions aren’t necessary. Refill reminders are active with this dosage option, but they’ll be scheduled to be sent 30 days after a product is ordered from a supplement plan, regardless of the bottle’s supply or instructions entered into the text field.

Setting up text-only dosage instructions
Setting text-only dosage instructions.

Overwriting a product’s default dosage instructions

You can override the default dosage instructions of a product to save the custom dosage for the next time you recommend that product, which can lead to significant time savings. This action won’t impact previously activated plans or protocols.


The Save as default option is available only if the default supplier instructions have been overwritten by custom or text-only dosage instructions.

To override the default dosage instructions for any product:

  1. Add the product to a plan or protocol.
  2. Set preferred dosage instructions for the product.
    Product dosage toggles

  3. Select the more options menu ( ), then select Save as default.
    Save as default doasge

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