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Last modified: July 16, 2024

Growing your practice revenue

How to grow your practice revenue

Designed with the needs of healthcare practitioners in mind, Fullscript offers a comprehensive suite of account optimization features that can transform the way practitioners engage with their patients. By tapping into these powerful tools, practitioners can streamline their practice operations while enhancing patient adherence, boosting profitability, and unlocking new growth opportunities.

There are three main areas to focus on to grow your revenue:

  1. Increase patient affordability
  2. Unlock a powerful revenue stream with tools available in your dispensary
  3. Offset operational costs

Increase patient affordability

Make getting high-quality supplements more affordable.

Offer discounts to patients

Extend discounts to patients to make professional products on Fullscript more affordable and encourage patients to return to the platform for their supplement needs. Using a variety of stackable discounts, practitioners can improve outcomes while enticing new patients to order and keep existing patients engaged.


You need to set up a profit account to unlock patient discounts.

Reimagine how you recommend with Smart Product Comparisons

Ditch the tedious process of comparing multiple products and doing complex mental math. Smart product comparisons give you actionable insights, allowing you to optimize your product choices based on precise ingredient dosing and patient preferences that impact adherence — like price, format, number of pills, and popularity.

Unlock a powerful revenue stream with tools available in your dispensary

Grow practice revenue with access to free tools that make it easier to market and grow your clinic, attract new patients, and better engage existing patients to drive long-term revenue.

Participate in Fullscript-run patient promotions

Patient promotions offer practitioners the opportunity to incentivize patients, fostering increased engagement, loyalty, and improved patient outcomes while boosting revenue.

Marketing toolkit

Use ready-made promotional materials to keep your patients engaged at every stage of their wellness journey.

Offer an open catalog

Offer an open catalog to give patients greater access to high-quality supplements and wellness products.

Feature your patient welcome page on your website

Help patients help themselves without an appointment! Encourage patients visiting your website to join Fullscript for access to high-quality supplements at any time.

Offset operational costs

Save hours of work by switching your source for supplements to Fullscript. Get access to professional-grade supplements and wellness products from over 225 leading industry brands — all without stocking a single bottle.

Share plans with multiple patients for one-to-many care

Share or modify evidence-based templated plans created by Fullscript with multiple patients at once. These plans can address common ailments and conditions to support your patients any time, without an appointment. You can also create your own from scratch!

Embed product cards on your website

Utilize embeddable product cards to instantly display specific Fullscript products on your website, expanding your practice reach and providing a convenient experience for patients to view and order recommended products.

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