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Last modified: July 10, 2024

Getting your credentials approved


Fullscript is a service that connects health practitioners with their patients, so it’s important we keep a copy of your active license/registration on file to maintain the professional integrity of the platform in alignment with our Acceptable Use Policy.

Credential approval is required before any orders (wholesale or patient orders) can ship, but once you’ve uploaded your credential, you can start using your account right away! This includes adding patients or sending supplement plans. Healthcare credentials are typically reviewed in less than one business day


Some brands aren’t available to all practitioner types, which is determined by the credentials reviewed on your account. To limit possible catalog restrictions, we recommend submitting your professional license or registration over your education credentials when possible.

Credential acceptance criteria

During sign-up, you’ll need to upload a digital copy of your professional healthcare license/registration or healthcare education credentials before orders can be placed through your dispensary.

Here are some considerations when submitting your credentials for review: 

  • If submitting a professional license or registration, ensure your name and the expiry date are displayed and legible.
  • Ensure the name on the credential matches the name (of one) of the practitioner(s) listed on the account.
  • Student ordering accounts are available for those who can prove enrollment in a program that leads to licensure in one of the approved healthcare professions.
  • Acceptable file formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF. Only one file can be uploaded at a time, but you can go through the upload process multiple times on your account. Go to your Account settings page to upload additional documents. 

Reviews are typically completed within one business day, and an email will be sent to notify you your account is order-ready. The ‘credential review’ banner will also disappear from your account following approval.


It’s important to maintain your credentials and provide updated documents before they expire. We’ll send an automated reminder email as the expiration date approaches.

Providing credentials of an associate practitioner in your dispensary

If the account is set up under a clinic manager or owner, you can still use the credentials of an associated clinic practitioner. All you need to do is add them to the account as an additional practitioner. When credentials match a practitioner on the account, Fullscript can move forward with the review process.


See Adding practitioners and staff members for more information on this process.

Credential approval tips

Still not quite sure what we’re looking for? Here are some general tips to consider before uploading or re-uploading your healthcare credentials to your account.

Issue or consideration

Solutions and tips!

Name mis-matchMake sure the name is legible and matches the name of the Fullscript account owner or an associate practitioner in the dispensary.
Expired licenses or no expiry date

Confirm that the expiration date is displayed, legible, and current on the document you’re uploading.

While our team may be able to verify this information online, not having the date visible on the original document uploaded can lead to delays in getting your account order-ready.


Be sure the specialty/area of study is present.

Tip! If your diploma doesn’t state a major, we recommend uploading additional documents (such as a transcript) to speed up the approval process.

Closed schools or retired programsIf the school you graduated from has closed or the program has been retired, provide supplemental information about the closure for a seamless review process and speedy approval.
Trouble finding your state license onlineNeed help grabbing a screenshot of your license from an online public database? In a familiar search engine, try searching with keywords that specify your state, practitioner type (designation, specialty, etc.), and include a phrase like “license lookup” or “license verification.

Professional healthcare licenses and registrations

When uploading a license or registration, please provide your most up-to-date credentials displaying your name and the expiration date. Credentials that require regular renewal and contain an expiration date must be maintained as valid and current as per Fullscript’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Please ensure your license or registration includes the following:

  • Your name
  • The issuing institution
  • The profession you’re licensed in
  • Valid expiration date

If your licensing or certifying institution no longer provides paper copies of your licensure, we’ll accept a screenshot of your information from an online verification system or public register. Please ensure the screenshot includes the site’s URL, your name, the profession, and the expiration date.

A sample screenshot of a medical license from California’s verification website.

International degrees

We can only accept licenses and registrations issued in the United States or Canada. Though international licenses aren’t accepted for account approval, we do review and accept international degrees.


If you’re no longer a licensed practitioner, please submit your education credentials for approval.

Healthcare education credentials

If you work in a non-government regulated profession where a license isn’t required, please submit your education credentials for review; be aware they will be reviewed to determine if the associated program meets our requirements to be approved. Requirements are based on program length, course content, and institutional accreditation.


We don’t accept CEU (continuing education) credentials, graduation verification letters, or conferral date letters for approval.

Other healthcare credentials

Board memberships and certifications

Due to the varying nature of acceptance criteria of the associated institutions, board memberships, and board certifications aren’t the ideal document to submit as your healthcare credential for access to Fullscript. Board certifications will be reviewed to determine if membership eligibility requires licensure or education that aligns with our approval guidelines. When possible, submission of an active license or educational diploma is preferred to get you started with Fullscript quickly.

Unapproved documents

  • Transcripts and conferral date letters: You must submit a picture or photocopy of your graduation certificate for approval; we don’t accept any other sort of school documents for practitioner accounts. We may contact you to request supplemental information to support transcripts and conferral date letters.
  • International licenses and registrations: We only accept licenses issued from the United States and/or Canada.
  • Receipts, business insurance, and tax documents: Business-related documents, such as business licenses, receipts, or tax forms won’t suffice to activate a Fullscript account. Healthcare credentials are required.

Student ordering accounts

Student ordering accounts are available for those who can prove enrollment in a program that leads to licensure in one of the approved healthcare professions. Fullscript requires documentation such as proof of enrollment, class schedule, or other formal school paperwork to ensure the program of enrollment meets the criteria for a student account. Submitted documents should include your name, program of enrollment, and school of enrollment.

Sample of approved student document.
A sample screenshot from a Student portal to capture a suitable student credential.


Please see our Student dispensaries article for more information.

Rejected credentials

If your credentials are rejected upon review, our team will send you an email to communicate why your credentials were rejected and what to do next. You can check on the status of your credential review by visiting your Account settings page.

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