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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Wholesale shipping address requirements

Shipping address requirements

Fullscript is an online solution for healthcare practitioners to support and encourage integrative medicine. Since wholesale purchases are typically for resale at a clinic or office, these orders should be shipped to a verified healthcare practice or business. This is to ensure products are being distributed in alignment with our goals and brand requirements.

As we require wholesale orders to ship to a verified healthcare practice or business address within the US, orders can’t be shipped to freight forwarding addresses.


Shipping wholesale orders directly to clients (i.e., drop-shipping) isn’t supported, but you can continue to support your patients with direct-to-patient supplement plans. We call this virtual dispensing; it still lets you ship directly to your patients without the administrative overhead. On top of that, it allows patients to order independently, which has shown to increase plan adherence and boost sales.

Student dispensaries

Resale of products isn’t permitted for students purchasing through Fullscript, including wholesale purchases. As a student, you should only use the wholesale service for personal ordering, and orders should be addressed to your residential home address. See Student dispensaries for more information.


If there are any questions or concerns with an address, we’ll contact you by email. Please reply to these emails directly.

Address verification

Shipping addresses submitted for a wholesale order are assessed and reviewed by Fullscript. If the address can be identified as a clinic location, we’ll record it and approve the address.

If there’s ordering behavior that may be peculiar, our team may email you to request supporting details or documents that associate your shipping address with your practice.

Suggestions of supporting documents include:

  • Your practice’s website,
  • Your practice’s business license or other formal documents,
  • Your NPI number and/or listing, or
  • An invoice for healthcare services provided.


You can proactively provide this information to our Restrictions Compliance team by sending it to As the purpose of providing documents is solely to verify you’re practicing from the shipping address, any supplementary information on the document, particularly confidential information, can be crossed out or covered.

Selecting shipping addresses at checkout

During checkout, you’ll be required to select a previously used shipping address or add a new one.

If there are concerns about the shipping address provided, we may reach out by email for more information.

An example of a saved address in the wholesale checkout
An example of a saved address in the wholesale checkout.

Shipping to residential (home) addresses

Though wholesale ordering is intended for stocking your clinic or practice, we understand that, as a practitioner, you may want to order products for yourself. Our recommendation for personal ordering is to ship products to your verified clinic address to reduce the chance of delays. 

If receiving packages at your business or practice address is difficult, higher-risk orders can be shipped to a practitioner’s home address. In these cases, we may reach out for supporting documents to verify the address as your home.


You can request accommodation and send supporting documents proactively to If we have questions or concerns about your order, we’ll contact you by email. Please reply to these emails directly for expedited support.

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