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Last modified: July 18, 2024

Tellescope integration

An introduction to Tellescope

Tellescope is a HIPAA-compliant patient relationship management platform that functions alongside an EHR to support patients through telemedicine and longitudinal care, delivering more personalized care to patients while improving operational efficiency for healthcare administrative teams.

Tellescope allows teams to create structured workflows (or “care pathways”) that help ensure each patient receives high-quality, personalized care without letting things slip through the cracks.

Tellescope increases patient satisfaction with a completely modern digital experience, including communications, intake, scheduling, surveys, educational health content, and more; it also saves teams dozens of hours weekly by automating common tasks, like reminders, follow-ups, and check-ins.


Tellescope is only available United States. This integration is bi-directional, meaning that information is transferred both ways — from Fullscript to Tellescope and from Tellescope to Fullscript.

Key features of Tellescope

Flexibility: Tellescope is used across a diverse array of specialties, care models, and business models. It’s highly configurable to meet the needs of nearly any care team.

All-in-one: Tellescope provides all the essentials for managing a modern patient experience so that teams can keep things organized in a single place.

Integrated: Tellescope integrates with other systems, like EHRs, so that we can help without disrupting existing processes.

Accessible: Non-technical clinical users can typically set up and configure the product, including building automated workflows, without needing additional help.

Developer-friendly: Tellescope offers robust APIs and webhooks that allow teams to customize and connect with any existing technology.

Integration setup: Tellescope + Fullscript

The Tellescope integration uses oAuth for setup and activation — no clinic key required.

To set up the Tellescope + Fullscript integration:

  1. Log into Tellescope and select Integrations from the left-hand navigation panel.
    Selecting Integrations.
  2. Scroll down and click Integrate Fullscript. The page will redirect, and you’ll then be prompted to sign up or sign in to a Fullscript account.
    Selecting Integrate.
  3. A notice will appear asking for authorization of your Fullscript account in Tellescope. Click Agree. You’ll be redirected back to the Tellescope Integrations page.
    Selecting Agree.

Creating a Fullscript supplement plan in Tellescope

Supplement plans can be initiated from patient profiles within Tellescope.

To create a new Fullscript supplement plan:

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel, click Patients, then search and select the patient you’re creating the supplement plan for. Select a patient by clicking their name.
    Selecting the Patients tab.
  2. In the patient’s profile, navigate to the Meds tab on the right-hand side of the page, then click Recommend with Fullscript to write a Fullscript supplement plan for the specific patient.
    Clicking Recommend with Fullscript.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Fullscript plan tool in a new window, allowing you to write and send supplement plans right from within the Fullscript platform.
  4. When finished creating the treatment plan, click Send to client. The patient’s most recent plans can be found under the Meds tab.
    The Meds tab.

Video: Fullscript + Tellescope integration

Frequently asked questions

How much does Tellescope cost?

Telescope offers a monthly subscription with per-seat pricing. We offer lower-cost tiers for newer businesses and teams who start with a subset of Tellescope’s functionality.

What types of practitioners commonly use Tellescope?

Tellescope is most commonly used by Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Health Coaches, Licensed Counselors, and Physician Assistants, though Tellescope suits practitioners across various specialties. It’s great for newer practices/virtual care startups who aspire to provide patients with concierge-type experiences or high-touch care.

Is there a cost to use Fullscript as a Tellescope member?

No! Tellescope’s integration with Fullscript is available to all Tellescope members at no additional cost, and a Fullscript account is free.

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