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Last modified: June 19, 2024

Requests to combine orders from multiple dispensaries

Why orders can’t be combined

Fullscript dispensaries are individually owned and operated by their store owner. To track treatment adherence and allocate purchases to respective practitioners, we’re unable to combine orders, and unfortunately, you aren’t able to add products to a single unified shopping cart. Your cart is unique to the dispensary you’re visiting, even when patient accounts share the same login credentials. 

Tips for placing orders across multiple dispensaries

We know that placing orders from multiple dispensaries can incur extra shipping fees. Here are some tips for keeping shipping costs low and the ordering process as smooth as possible. 

Plan ahead to reach the ‘free shipping’ threshold

Reach the free standard shipping threshold for each order to eliminate extra shipping fees. If you still need to meet the spending requirement, you can increase the number of units of the product(s) you’re purchasing, extending your on-hand supply. We guarantee our products for at least 90 days or for as long as the bottle should last. Read more about our patient shipping policy and other shipping options here

Free standard shipping thresholds:

  • US orders – $50 or more before applicable taxes. 
  • Canadian orders – $150 or more before applicable taxes.

Request a shipping credit for a future order

To make up for additional shipping charges on a subsequent order, you can request that a shipping credit of the same value be added to your account for a future purchase. To qualify, please ensure that the new order:

  • Is placed within 24 hours of the original order,
  • Has the same shipping method selected for the original order; and,
  • Is shipping to the same shipping address as the original order.

Please provide both order numbers when you contact our Customer Success team.

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