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Last modified: July 18, 2024

patientNOW integration

An introduction to patientNOW

patientNOW is a comprehensive software system designed for managing aesthetic medical offices. Their automated workflows complement any practice and provide an exceptional patient experience while allowing your office to run efficiently and paperless. patientNOW is directed at medical offices specializing in Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Medical Spa.


The integration of patientNOW with Fullscript is limited to the US only. This is a desktop application, downloadable on PCs only. Macs aren’t supported.

Integration setup: patientNOW + Fullscript

This integration uses OAuth for setup and activation and can be completed by a patientNOW account owner or any sub-practitioner in the account. In this integration, only one patientNOW account can be linked to a Fullscript dispensary and vice versa.

You don’t need to activate the integration from a specific page. When you want to write supplement plans through Fullscript for a patient, the integration will request authentication via oAuth automatically.

Below is a video walkthrough of authorizing the Fullscript integration in patientNOW. Individual steps are also been provided below.

authorizing the fullscript integration in patientnow
Navigating to a patient record and authorizing the Fullscript integration.

To integrate patientNOW + Fullscript:

  1. Ito patientNOW, click Select Patient from the top-left of the page and navigate to a patient record.
    clicking select patient at the top left hand side


You can access patient records from the calendar in the left panel or from the Select Patient menu.

  1. Once the patient is selected, navigate to the Clinical Information on the left-hand side panel menu, then click the Vitamins and Supplements tab.
    clinicnal information on the left hand side
  2. Select Authorize.
    select authorize
  3. When the oAuth sign-in screen appears, enter your Fullscript credentials (email address and password), then select Authorize Application. The patientNOW instance will refresh, and the Authorize button will update to Revoke.
  4. If there are multiple providers in the Fullscript dispensary, each of you will need to select your name in the < Select Practitioner > menu to connect recommendations to your practitioner account in Fullscript.
    select your name in the select practitioner menu


This selection connects the recommendation to the Fullscript practitioner selected and is visible to patients in Fullscript. We cannot change or transfer recommendations to another practitioner once a recommendation is sent.

Multi-practitioner accounts

Once a patientNOW account owner or any sub-practitioner authorizes the integration, the entire clinic is activated. Other practitioners will need to select their Fullscript practitioner accounts in patientNOW before they can recommend supplements. 

To link their patientNOW account to Fullscript, you’ll need to navigate to the Vitamins and Supplements tab of any patient record and choose their Fullscript account from the <Select Practitioner>  menu. 

select your name in the select practitioner menu
Selecting a provider’s Fullscript account in patientNOW to link recommendations to the author’s practitioner account.

Creating supplement plans in patientNOW

The patientNOW integration with Fullscript redirects to Fullscript’s supplement plan tool to write plans where you can use features including favorites, templates, attachments, and more. This means that you will be redirected to a new tab in your Fullscript account to write the Fullscript plan versus writing it in the patientNOW platform. 

To create a Fullscript supplement plan:

  1. Navigate to a patient record and go to the Vitamins and Supplements tab.
    navigate to the vitamins and supplements tabs

  2. Click the Recommend button. This will open an internet browser to use Fullscript’s treatment plan builder to write the recommendation.
    click the recommend button
  3. Build the plan manually or apply a template. When finished, click Send Prescription.
    when finished click send prescription
  4. Click the Refresh button in patientNOW to view the recommended products in the patient record.
    click the refresh button in patientnow

Frequently asked questions

Are there any technical or hardware requirements to use patientNOW?

Yes, patientNOW operates as a desktop application on PC computers only. Practitioners must download the patientNOW application onto their PC to access the platform. More technical requirements can be found here.

How much does patientNOW cost?

The pricing structure for patientNOW varies. Details can be found by calling their sales team at 1-888-644-2987.

Are training modules offered by patientNOW?

PatientNOW offers training webinars on different features of the platform and an option to book a personalized demo. Learn more

Does this integration support multiple Fullscript dispensaries linking to a single patientNOW instance?

No, patientNOW is activated at the clinic level; only one Fullscript dispensary can be linked. All prescribing practitioners must be practitioners in a single Fullscript dispensary.

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