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Last modified: July 18, 2024

Nutri-Q integration


An introduction to Nutri-Q

Nutri-Q provides wellness professionals and practitioners of nutritional therapy the most comprehensive tool for nutritional analysis. They have a wide range of features to help work efficiently with clients, such as standardized questionnaires, monitoring food logs, and more.


Nutri-Q’s integration with Fullscript is available in the US and Canada.

Integration setup: Nutri-Q + Fullscript

The Nutri-Q integration uses oAuth for setup and activation — no clinic keys required. Nutri-Q is a single-user per-account platform. Each account within Nutri-Q can integrate with a practitioner user on Fullscript. If multiple users share a single Fullscript clinic account, each user can integrate with their own Nutri-Q account.

To set up the Nutri-Q + Fullscript integration:

  1. Log in to Nutri-Q.
  2. Click on your profile photo in the top right and click on My Account.
    click my account
  3. From the menu on the left, click 3rd Party Integrations.
  4. Find Fullscript from the list of 3rd Party Integrations and click Link your Fullscript Account.
    click Link your Fullscript Account
  5. Select the region (US or Canada) of your Fullscript dispensary from the menu, then click Next.
  6. In the oAuth modal, enter your Fullscript credentials (email and password) or, Create an account.
  7. Click Authorize Application.
    authorize the application

Sending recommendations in Nutri-Q

The Nutri-Q + Fullscript integration uses an embeddable treatment plan solution to load treatment plans within Nutri-Q.

To create a Fullscript recommendation in Nutri-Q:

  1. Click on My Clients from the main navigation and click on a client’s name.
  2. Click Recommendations to access the client’s recommendation history.
    Click on Recommendations to access the clients recommendation history
  3. The Nutri-Q integration will attempt to match the client to a client in Fullscript based on their email address. If a matching email address isn’t found, manually link the patient by clicking Click here to link [client name] to an existing Fullscript client or choose to be redirected to writing a Fullscript recommendation by clicking start a new Recommendation to create a Fullscript client record for them.
    manually link patient or redirect to fullscript
  4. From the right-hand side, click New Recommendation for [client name].
    click New Recommendation for client name
  5. Click New Fullscript Recommendation.
    Click New Fullscript Recommendation


If the client doesn’t match, you’ll be prompted to Create new patient.

  1. Once the patient is selected/added, you’ll begin to write a Fullscript plan within Nutri-Q.
    begin to write a Fullscript recommendation within Nutri-Q
  2. Once the Fullscript plan is sent, click Close Fullscript view.
    click on Close Fullscript view

Using Nutri-Q’s built-in NAQ recommendations

Nutri-Q’s platform has built-in recommendations based on potential conditions and nutritional deficiencies found in the Symptom Burden Report. Nutri-Q users can access these built-in templates to create recommendations for clients.

To do this:

  1. From the client’s recommendation history, click NAQ: Recommendation Report.
    click NAQ Recommendation Report
  2. Use the Supplement Brand Partners menu to select a brand-authored template.
    Template recommendations will load with a drop-down menu to explore the brand partners that Nutri-Q offers
  3. Click Start a Fullscript Recommendation with these products and follow the prompts.


This will create a draft recommendation in Fullscript.

  1. When ready to complete, click View Recommendation in Fullscript. A new tab will open with the recommended products at which point the practitioner can make any necessary changes to dosage, products, etc. Click Send to activate and send the recommendation to the client.
    click View Recommendation in Fullscript


If you are being redirected to a new tab for the first time, you’ll be asked to log in to your Fullscript account. Afterwhich, your logins will be saved.

Video: Integration setup and sending recommendations

Frequently asked questions

How much does Nutri-Q cost?

Visit Nutri-Q’s website for their pricing model.

What types of practitioners commonly use Nutri-Q?

Nutri-Q is commonly used by nutritionists, dieticians, nutritional therapy practitioners, and more.

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