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Last modified: May 26, 2024

My order shipped with an icepack that arrived melted. Are my products safe?

Products may be heat-sensitive, but they aren’t heat-intolerant. All products carried by Fullscript are manufactured, stored, and distributed in accordance with our rigorous supplement quality control standards.

Heat-sensitive products are made with travel in mind; it’s expected that the cold pack, which our warehouse packs with the product, will only stay cold during the first day in transit – depending on the temperatures it’s exposed to. The pack usually stays cooler than outside conditions and continues to help keep your probiotic product cool even after it melts.

We always recommend putting unopened, heat-sensitive bottles in the refrigerator to let them get cold again before opening. This helps prevent moisture from being introduced into the bottle, which is more damaging to products such as probiotics than short-term heat exposure.

For bottles containing softgels that may be stuck together, putting the bottle in the fridge for ~20 minutes and giving the bottle a shake should help separate gels from one another.


We recommend our priority shipping option when ordering heat-sensitive products.

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