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Last modified: June 19, 2024

I’m missing product(s) from my order. Where are they?

We do our best to ship all orders in a single shipment, but sometimes product(s) may need to be shipped from multiple warehouses or be shipped later if they’re temporarily out of stock. Products on backorder can be identified in your order Order history page by a Backordered label on products you haven’t received. For US orders only, this signals more items are expected to ship later.

US practitioners can check the Wholesale orders page for backorder information. Wholesale is only available for US addresses. 

Sample email of partially shipped order.
A sample of an email indicating only part of an order has shipped and another shipment will follow.


Products that can’t be fulfilled within 21 calendar days will be canceled and refunded to your card automatically.

If a shipment arrives and you’re missing products from your order:  

  • Check your inbox for multiple shipping confirmation emails or go to your Order history page (Wholesale orders page for practitioners/staff) to select your order number and check for multiple shipments. If only part of your order has shipped, the rest of your order’s still on the way!
  • If you’ve purchased a heat-sensitive product and your shipment arrives with a cold pack, check to see if the product is contained within the foil pouch.
  • Check for canceled and refunded items by reviewing your Order history (Wholesale orders for practitioners) or bank statement. These items must be reordered if you’d still like to receive them.

If you can’t locate the missing product(s) with the tips above, please submit a replacement or refund request and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist.

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