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Last modified: July 19, 2024

I’m a practitioner. Can I drop-ship orders to my patients?

With Fullscript, drop-shipping is done with direct-to-patient orders placed from supplement plans. We call this virtual dispensing.

See how it stacks up:

  • Patients buy 50% more products per order on Fullscript compared to drop-shipping via a wholesaler.
  • 42% of Fullscript patients will refill at least once compared to only 23% with wholesale drop-shipping.
  • 32% of Fullscript patients place seven or more refills over time, while only 2% will do the same with drop-shipping.

We also offer tools to drive traffic from your website to Fullscript. Try sharing multi-patient supplement plans, embedding product cards, or embedding a website button to encourage self-signups from your patient base while still delivering a personalized experience.


Products can’t be shipped to patients at wholesale rates. Products are priced at retail less applicable discounts. To place an order on a patient’s behalf, use in-office checkout.

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