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Last modified: May 23, 2024

Eligible shipping addresses

US shipping addresses

Orders placed through a US Dispensary can only be shipped to addresses within the US. See Delivery Options for shipping options, prices, and expected delivery timeframes.

In addition to shipping within the continental US, the following territory and states are also accepted shipping destinations:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico*

We’re unable to ship to a P.O. Box when shipping to any of the above destinations. We also recommend choosing our priority option (delivery in 1-3 business days) to avoid excess time in transit.

The delivery estimate for our standard shipping option is 10-13 business days when shipping to the locations above.

*Puerto Rico addresses

All orders shipping to Puerto Rico will arrive in 10-13 business days.


Priority shipping is currently unavailable for orders shipping to Puerto Rico.

Canadian shipping addresses

Orders placed from a Canadian Dispensary can only be shipped to a Canadian address that’s serviced by Canada Post. See Delivery Options for shipping options, prices, and expected delivery timeframes.

Delivery by Canada Post is dependent on your address, and may be delivered to any of the following locations:

  • Your door or rural mailbox
  • Community mailbox
  • Post office (P.O.) box
  • Group mailbox

International shipping addresses

Currently, orders can only be shipped to residents of Canada or the United States. All orders must be shipped to an address in the same country where the referring practitioner is located, as we do not support international shipping at this time.

Example: orders placed from a US dispensary ( must be shipped to an address within the US, and orders placed through a Canadian dispensary ( must be shipped to a Canadian address.

Shipping to P.O. boxes

Orders can be shipped to P.O. boxes located in the country you reside in. It’s important to note that a physical address is always preferred as we’re unable to guarantee delivery estimates for orders shipping to a P.O. box. 

Military addresses

Army Post Office (APO), Diplomatic Post Office (DPO), Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses, and other military addresses are accepted shipping addresses.

Orders shipped to these addresses will be shipped via USPS, so the standard shipping option must be selected for the order. We cannot guarantee delivery within our typical standard delivery window (5-7 business days). 

If you need assistance entering your address, refer to the example below or contact our support team.

 Suggested formatExample: APO address
Street addressType of address and numberPSC 1234 Box 12345
APO, NY, 09204-1234
Suite, etc. (optional)Military PO box
(if applicable) 
CityPost office type
StateNY (East/AE) or CA (West/AP)
ZipZip or Zip + 4
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