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Last modified: July 18, 2024

Acusimple integration

An introduction to Acusimple

Acusimple is an EHR designed to organize and boost your acupuncture practice by automating and streamlining your workflows with features that fit any style of practice.


The Acusimple + Fullscript integration is available for US dispensaries only.

Integration setup: Acusimple + Fullscript

The Acusimple integration with Fullscript uses oAuth to set up and activate the integration.

To integrate your Acusimple and Fullscript accounts:

  1. Log into Acusimple.
  2. Select Practice Settings from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Integrations tab and find the Fullscript Integration section.
  4. Click Connect to Fullscript.
    connect fullscript.
  5. When prompted, enter your Fullscript login credentials.
  6. In the Authorization window, select Authorize Application.
    authorize application.
  7. Go back or refresh the Practice Settings page. In the Fullscript Integration section, click the Select Fullscript Practitioner button.
    Click Connect to Fullscript.
  8. In the Practitioner Email drop-down menu, select your Fullscript account and click Add to submit.
    click add to submit

Multi-practitioner accounts

The Acusimple platform supports multiple practitioners and practices (i.e., locations) in one Acusimple account. You can integrate other practitioner accounts in your practice or allow additional practitioners to get set up independently.

If you are the Acusimple account owner, you can integrate additional practitioner accounts with Fullscript by following these steps:

  1. Go to Practice Settings.
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, select an alternate practitioner. In the example below, the account owner has selected the name 2nd Practitioner to navigate to the user’s Practice Settings.
    selecting an alternate practitioner
  3. Click Link to existing Fullscript account to select a practitioner in the same dispensary. You can also integrate the account with a separate Fullscript dispensary by using the Connect to Fullscript option. If connecting to a separate dispensary, you will need to enter the account’s login credentials they’re attempting to connect with to integrate the accounts successfully.


Only account holders can toggle between additional Acusimple accounts and offer support in connecting Fullscript accounts on their behalf. Additional practitioners (non-account owners) can’t toggle between or support integration setup for other Acusimple users; however, they can follow the integration setup steps to integrate with Fullscript on their own.

Sending recommendations in Acusimple

You can start new recommendations from the EHR page before navigating to Fullscript’s familiar treatment plan tool to draft and send recommendations to patients.

To create a recommendation in Acusimple:

  1. From the left-hand menu, select EHR to navigate to the Electronic Health Records page.
  2. Search for the patient you’re creating the recommendation for, then select New EHR.
    selecing the new ehr button
  3. From the right-hand menu, select Recommend Fullscript, then Create Treatment Plan, or select a recent draft to edit/continue or unsend a recommendation.
    select recommend fullscript and click create treatment plan
  4. In the new window, add a custom message, add products, and set dosage instructions. When finished, click Send recommendation.
  5. Navigate back to Acusimple. The platform will auto-refresh, and the new recommendation will appear beneath the Create Treatment Plan button.
  6. To add it to the patient’s chart, drag and drop it into the chart area.
    draging and dropping into the patient's chart

Video: Integration setup and sending recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Acusimple cost?

Acusimple has a tiered plan and pricing structure. See subscription options here!

What happens if I try to create a treatment plan for a patient account without an email address?

Email addresses are mandatory to create patient accounts on Fullscript. Attempting to send a recommendation to a patient without an email will prompt you to add a patient email.

Is the Acusimple integration bidirectional?

Yes! As patient email matches are found, the patient’s complete recommendation history is pulled into Acusimple. Access this history from the Recommend Fullscript section, located in the Patient Overview menu of the patient’s EHR.

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