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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Wholesale ordering for staff members


Fullscript is the one platform solution for in-office and virtual dispensing. For your in-office inventory needs, wholesale ordering is available to staff members, including additional practitioners (i.e., sub-practitioners) and clerks, who often act as office managers in a clinic setting.

Clerks and sub-practitioners can access Fullscript wholesale through their individual accounts and logins. Each user’s cart is unique, and modifying a cart will not affect other users in the dispensary.

Agreeing to MAP policies

MAP (minimum advertised price) policies from our brand partners must be accepted prior to ordering. MAPs can only be agreed to by dispensary owners, and agreeing to a MAP policy will unlock the brand for all staff accounts under the dispensary.

Practitioners and clerks will be alerted to any pending agreements as products are added to their shopping cart. In these cases, they must contact the dispensary owner to accept the pending MAP policy before ordering products from the brand.

In the event a brand’s MAP policy is updated, clerks and sub-practitioners may be alerted to revised brand agreements as they add products to their carts. These agreements also require acceptance by the dispensary owner before products can be purchased again. 


View all MAP policies directly in your dispensary from the Wholesale policies page.

Viewing wholesale order history

Dispensary owners and clerks can view all orders placed within the dispensary. 


Sub-practitioners will only be able to view orders they’ve placed.

To view wholesale order history, hover over the Catalog tab and click Orders. On mobile, select the menu  and tap Orders.

Clerks and dispensary owners can filter order history by selecting a staff member from the Order placed menu. Select any order to view a shipment’s status (i.e., tracking numbers, packing lists, etc.), payment details, quickly repeat a past order, or add previous purchases to your shopping cart.

Filtering orders placed by staff members
Filtering orders placed by staff members.


Sub-practitioners can view their order Order history by selecting Catalog and then clicking Orders.

Access to saved payment methods

Payment methods are saved when an order is placed but aren’t visible to other accounts in the dispensary. i.e., If the dispensary owner uses a company card, a clerk won’t have access to it.


Learn more about managing your Wholesale payment methods.

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