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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Wholesale order history

Your wholesale history

Navigate to your wholesale order history by clicking Catalog in the navigation bar, then Orders, which will appear directly underneath it.

Navigating to your wholesale orders
Navigating to Orders to view past wholesale orders.

Filtering order history

We’ve provided a couple of different ways to filter your search to help you find specific orders.

Searching by practitioner

If multiple practitioners place wholesale orders through the dispensary, use the Order placed filter to view orders placed by a specific practitioner.

Filtering wholesale orders by practitioner
Selecting a practitioner from the staff drop-down menu.

Search by date

Select All dates to select a specific month and/or year to filter your order history results.

Filtering wholesale orders by date
Click All dates to search by month and/or year.


Use the < or > selector to adjust month/year.

Sorting your order history

By default, wholesale order history is sorted by most recent orders first. Click on Most recent for more sorting options.

Sorting your wholesale orders
Click on Sort: Most recent for additional filters.

Viewing a past order

We’ve provided you with some helpful tools when looking at a past order!

Viewing a past order
Viewing a past order.

Place order again

Place order again adds all products and respective quantities to your cart to repeat the order.

Don’t worry! You can still add additional products and adjust quantities within the cart before placing the order.


Add individual products to your cart by hovering your cursor over the specific product and clicking the Add to cart button.

Adding one item to your wholesale cart from a previous order.

Tracking details

You can also click Track order to get an update on where your order is in transit.


Here’s an in-depth look at Tracking your wholesale order!


Select Download, to download/print a PDF copy of your order invoice for your records.

Your Natural Partners order history

If you signed up for Fullscript and imported your Natural Partners data before the March 30th, 2021 deadline, you can access your Natural Partners order history from the Wholesale orders page in your dispensary. Unfortunately, if you didn’t follow these steps, your order history is gone.

To view order history imported before the deadline, use the Order placed filter and select At Natural Partners.

Filtering for Natural Partners wholesale orders
Navigating to Natural Partners order history from the Wholesale orders page in Fullscript.
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