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Last modified: July 18, 2024

Whole Practice integration

An introduction to Whole Practice

Whole Practice’s wide range of tools transforms client data into accessible, actionable information, allowing wellness professionals to work with their clients more effectively and have a greater impact on their well-being. The platform also includes the Whole Practice Wellness Questionnaire™️: a comprehensive, evidence-based symptoms questionnaire that produces a client-friendly report and supplement guidance to help practitioners make informed protocol decisions.

Key features of Whole Practice

Questionnaire Access: A large selection of built-in client questionnaires, including the Whole Practice Wellness Questionnaire™, as well as the Questionnaire Builder.

On-board New Clients Easily: Welcome clients with professional emails inviting them to use the platform, and request that clients fill out standard forms.

Client Status, Data, and Priorities: Review all historical client-submitted data, questionnaires, charts, and logs.

Manage Client Interactions: Provide clients with easily accessible and accurate food lists for a variety of diets and food attributes.

Appointment Scheduling: Set up the online appointment scheduler that allows the publishing of appointment dates and times so clients can easily sign up and book.


This integration is available to dispensaries in the US and Canada.

Integration setup: Whole Practice + Fullscript

  1. Log into Whole Practice and click on your profile photo in the top right and click on My Account.
    Click on the profile photo, then click My Account
  2. From the menu on the left, click 3rd Party Integrations.
    Click 3rd Party Integrations from the menu on the left
  3. Find Fullscript from the list of 3rd Party Integrations and click Link your Fullscript Account.
    Click Link your Fullscript account
  4. Select the region, United States or Canada, of your Fullscript dispensary from the menu.
    Select United States or Canada
  5. The page will redirect and you will then be prompted to sign up or sign in to a Fullscript account.
    Sign up or Sign in to Fullscript
  6. After signing up or logging in, complete the step by clicking the Agree button.
    Click agree

Creating a Fullscript plan in Whole Practice

To create a Fullscript supplement plan using the Whole Practice integration:

  1. Click on My Clients from the main navigation.
    Click on My Clients
  2. Find the desired patient by searching for their name using the search bar on the left or select their name from the alphabetical list. You can proceed by clicking the patient’s name.
    Search for the client, then click the desired name
  3. Click Recommendations to access the client’s plan history.
    Click Recommendations
  4. The Whole Practice integration will attempt to match the client to a client in Fullscript based on their email address. If a matching email address isn’t found, manually link the patient by clicking Click here to link [client name] to an existing Fullscript client or choose to be redirected to writing a Fullscript recommendation by clicking start a new Recommendation to create a Fullscript client record for them.
    Selecting to link to a specific client or start a recommendation
  5. Click New Fullscript Recommendation.
    Click New Fullscript Recommendation
  6. Once the patient is selected/added, you’ll begin to write a Fullscript recommendation within Whole Practice. Add the desired products and click Send recommendation once completed.
    Click Send Recommendation
  7. After clicking end, there will be a message notifying you that the recommendation was sent successfully. Click Close Fullscript view to return to the client’s Recommendations page.
    Click Close Fullscript View

Video: Fullscript + Whole Practice integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Whole Practice cost?

Whole Practice offers 3 plans: Basic for $15/month, Plus for $20/month and Team for $75/month. You can visit the Whole Practice pricing page for more info.

What types of practitioners commonly use Whole Practice?

Whole Practice can be utilized by many types of practitioners, however it’s primarily used by Certified Nutritionists, Health Coaches and Naturopathic Doctors.

What is the Whole Practice Wellness Questionnaire™?

It’s Whole Practice’s client questionnaire that’s been carefully crafted to provide practitioners with a holistic understanding of their client’s well-being, supported by the latest evidence-based insights from health and wellness industry data specialists. The Questionnaire is built on a wide range of questions, covering symptoms and historical risk factors for over 20 important imbalances that are fundamental to a client’s overall well-being.

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