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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Scheduled adherence surveys


Adherence surveys are a new clinical tool from Fullscript designed to help close the communication gap between practitioners and their patients in-between visits. Patient responses to these surveys help prescribing practitioners better understand barriers to adherence and take actions that encourage patients to get started on their supplement plans.

Adherence surveys are enabled for practitioners by default and are tied to the activation of new supplement plans. Plans sent without a resulting order within seven days will trigger an adherence survey to the patient’s email inbox on the seventh day that patients can complete to communicate why their plan has gone unfulfilled. Submitting the survey is optional and can be done directly from the email without signing in to their patient account.

The response options in the survey are based on the most common barriers to plan adherence, as identified in our breakthrough report, Treatment adherence in integrative medicine — download the report to learn more.

adherence form email
A sample of the adherence survey patients will receive.


Adherence surveys are triggered when a supplement plan has gone unfilled seven days after it was sent. This frequency can’t be changed.

Plan reminders

Your patients receive email reminders for new supplement plans that haven’t been ordered within seven days. After the initial new plan email, they’ll receive a reminder the following day and the final adherence survey after seven days of inaction.

Reviewing collected responses

Emails are sent to the recommending practitioner as patients complete the adherence survey to confirm that the response is now available to view from the supplement plan.

To view adherence form responses:

  1. Log in to your dispensary.
  2. Select the Plans tab.
  1. Enter the patient’s name or email in the search field, or scroll through the patient list to find the prescription, then click Show feedback.

Filtering supplement plans to view the status of adherence surveys

You can apply the Not ordered status filter to the Individual plans page to view when patients are scheduled to receive an adherence survey, when a survey was sent, and which supplement plans have received a response.

When a survey has been completed, click Show feedback to view the collected response.

Applying the Not ordered status filter to view the status of adherence forms.

Tips to actioning adherence barriers

  • Has the patient indicated a supplement plan is out of their budget? Try updating the plan to include less expensive products.
  • Is the patient overwhelmed? Consider reaching out to book a follow-up consultation where you can address their concerns.
  • Did they find products on another site? Fullscript offers access to high-quality, professional-grade supplements at fair prices, backed by features (such as refill reminders) that help patients stay on track. That means consistent quality, non-counterfeit and filler-free products stored and shipped to maintain potency and efficacy.

We’ve also put together resources for practitioners who want to better understand various barriers to adherence, and strategies to address them.

Disabling adherence surveys

Disabling surveys for the entire dispensary

Dispensary owners have the option of disabling adherence surveys for all practitioners in the dispensary. When disabled, additional practitioners can’t access the adherence survey feature.

To disable adherence surveys for all practitioners in a dispensary:

  1. From the practitioner menu, select Dispensary settings.
  2. Select Permissions.
  3. Under the Practitioners tab, use the toggle to disable Adherence survey scheduling.


Disabling the feature from this page disables surveys for all practitioners in the dispensary. This action can only be completed by dispensary owners.

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