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Last modified: July 15, 2024

Practitioner marketing toolkit

About the toolkit

The Practitioner Marketing Toolkit offers a comprehensive range of resources designed by Fullscript’s Marketing team to help you promote your dispensary and boost patient engagement.

In the toolkit, you’ll find templates for email announcements, scripted posts for various social media accounts, videos to play in a clinic setting, information around valuable tools you’ll find in your dispensary, and more.  

Explore the toolkit on our website!

Toolkit quick links

Getting started

  • Find detailed descriptions about Fullscript to use across your website and social media to inform patients about the services and support you offer.
  • Use our email templates to send announcement emails and invite patients to your dispensary.

Social media

  • Access ready-made messaging and downloadable images to post on your social media accounts effortlessly. Promote your practice online with helpful support, ready-made messaging, and more. Simply copy the text and download the image to post on your social media accounts.


  • Utilize email templates to invite new patients to join your dispensary and place orders.

Promoting key features

  • Stream or download clinic videos to showcase the convenience of your Fullscript store during appointments or in your waiting room.
  • Share downloadable handouts and themed promotional resources to keep your dispensary top-of-mind for patients.

In-office marketing

  • Encourage ordering by sharing patient handouts (download available), sharing your patient order link, and sharing our themed monthly promotional resources created by Fullscript.
  • Staying engaged with patients after they’ve started using Fullscript encourages them to stay on top of their wellness journey. Keep engagement high with our practitioner resources, patient wellness content, and Wellness blog.
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