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Last modified: July 18, 2024

NaturaeSoft integration

An introduction to NaturaeSoft’s OfficePro

NaturaeSoft is an integrative platform that offers you practice management solutions for billing, charting, inventory management, and more. The specific solution that integrates with Fullscript is OfficePro.

Integration setup: NaturaeSoft + Fullscript

The NaturaeSoft + Fullscript integration uses oAuth to set up and activate the integration. 

To set up the integration in NaturaeSoft:

  1. In your OfficePro account, click Admin > General Settings.
  2. Select the Add Ons tab.
    selecting the add ons tab.


The main account owner of OfficePro is the only account that can set up the initial authorization of this integration.

  1. In the Fullscript Integration section, select Integrate Fullscript. Log in using your Fullscript credentials (username and password).
    Connect OfficePro with Fullscript.
  2. Click Authorize Application.
    authorize the application
  3. Return to the Add Ons page in OfficePro. Under Associate providers with Fullscript, match each username to its respective Fullscript account.
    associate providers with fullscript.

Multi-practitioner accounts

OfficePro supports sub-providers. You can add sub-providers to Fullscript from OfficePro directly, or sub-providers can accept invitations sent from the Fullscript dispensary.


Sub-practitioners can either connect to their own dispensary or a clinic’s primary dispensary. This setting (described in the steps below) is controlled only by the OfficePro account owner.

To allow sub-practitioners to connect to multiple dispensaries:

  1. Go to Admin > General Settings, then select the Add ons tab.
  2. Under Allow providers to have their own Fullscript accounts?, toggle the setting on or off.
    allow providers to have their own fullscript accounts.

    OFF: The account owner is not allowing sub-providers to authorize their own accounts. Each provider must be matched (by the account owner) in NaturaeSoft to the respective Fullscript account. Otherwise, sub-practitioners can’t interact with the Fullscript integration.

    ON: Sub-practitioners can integrate with their own Fullscript dispensary. Sub-practitioner accounts don’t need to be matched by the account owner. 

Connecting sub-practitioners to alternate Fullscript dispensaries

To integrate a sub-practitioner account with a Fullscript dispensary other than the OfficePro account owners: 

  1. As a sub-practitioner, hover over Tools then select Fullscript.
    Choosing Fullscript from the tools menu.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Click Remove Access to disconnect from the account owner’s dispensary.
  4. In your browser, click refresh. 
  5. Click Integrate Fullscript and enter the credentials for the Fullscript dispensary.
    clicking integrate fullscript and entering the credentials for the fullscript dispensary
  6. Click Authorize Application.
    authorizing the application
  7. Back in the Settings tab of the Fullscript Integration page, the sub-provider can select their name from the Fullscript ID drop-down menu. Click OK in the browser to confirm the account connection.

Writing recommendations in OfficePro

To write a new recommendation: 

  1. From the Connect tab, choose Patient. Or, go to the Schedule tab and use the Find a patient search field to search and select a patient.
  2. From the patient’s Patient Detail Sheet page, select the Fullscript tab, then Create Fullscript Plan. This will open a new Fullscript window where the treatment plan can be created and sent.
    creating a fullscript plan


You can create recommendations in various places in OfficePro. Fullscript will be clearly labeled in treatment plans, encounters, charts, and other templates available in the OfficePro account.

  1. Fullscript will open in a new window. Create the treatment plan and click Send Recommendation when finished. Patients will receive an email for every new recommendation sent.


In Fullscript, if the patient isn’t initially attached to the treatment plan, search for the patient in the Add a client field.

  1. Back in OfficePro, go to the patient’s Patient Detail Sheet page or Chart (shown below) and click the refresh symbol ( ). The new treatment plan can be added as a chart note within the NaturaeSoft plan.
    the patients detail sheet

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I access General Settings > Add ons in my account?

This is likely because you’re not the administrator of the NaturaeSoft account. Only administrators can set up this integration. Connect with your administrator and ask them to turn on the Allow providers to have their own Fullscript accounts setting.

As a non-administrator in NaturaeSoft, how do I integrate my provider account with my Fullscript dispensary?

Go to Tools > Fullscript to integrate your account with your Fullscript dispensary. If this option isn’t available, contact your administrator. 

Can I see all my Fullscript patients in NaturaeSoft automatically?

When a patient is added to NaturaeSoft, they’ll be added to Fullscript simultaneously. Existing accounts will be matched by the email address. Once matched, Rx history will sync to the patient’s profile in NaturaeSoft.

Existing Fullscript patients that haven’t been added to NaturaeSoft need to be added to NaturaeSoft manually. Once added, Fullscript Rx history can be pulled into NaturaeSoft by selecting the Fullscript tab in the patient’s Patient Details Sheet page. 

How much does NaturaeSoft cost?

Natureasoft offers a variety of solutions with flexible tiered pricing. Check out their services and pricing here!

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