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Last modified: July 19, 2024

I’m a practitioner. What are ‘patient promotions?’

Patient promotions are an easy way to boost adherence and maintain regular, positive engagement with your patients! Dispensary owners who earn a margin must opt-in to participate, while no-profit dispensaries are enrolled automatically.  

During promotions, dispensary owners of margin (profit) accounts can choose to extend an additional discount to their patients, and we’ll automatically enable and disable the limited-time promotional discount. We’ll also promote the sale to your patients and continue to handle all order support.

The discount you choose is added to your dispensary discount and any existing individual patient discounts. Go to the Patient promotions page to manage your participation settings. You can opt into all promotions for automatic enrolment in future promotions or opt into specific promotions only. With specific promotion participation, you must opt into promotions individually as they’re announced. With either option, we’ll notify you well in advance to give you ample time to opt in or out.

Selecting to opt-in to all future promotions, or specific promotions, will allow you to specify your desired additional discount
The Patient promotions page in Dispensary settings where promotion settings are managed.


Additional practitioners and staff can’t manage patient promotion settings. Dispensary owners of profit accounts can view more FAQs on the Patient promotions page.

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