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Last modified: June 3, 2024

I’m a patient. What are Daily Packs?

It’s easy to get & stay healthy with Fullscript Daily Packs. Your daily supplement regimen comes in attractive packets, so you can stop worrying about sorting pills, organizing bottles, & re-ordering from different plans.


Daily Packs aren’t available in Canada at this time.

DSC02415-Edit (1).jpg
A preview of Fullscript Daily Pack packaging and informational booklet.

Fullscript’s Daily Packs provide a 30-day supply of supplements for a specific plan. They can be curated by Fullscript or custom-created by your practitioner. Patients can’t create their own Daily Packs or convert existing plans into a Daily Pack format. You can, however, contact your practitioner and request they build a custom Daily Pack to fit your supplement needs.

If your practitioner has added a custom pack to your supplement plan, you’ll be able to order it from your My health page, just like any other recommended product. Alternatively, you may have access to purchase Fullscript-curated Daily Packs from the catalog, if your practitioner’s catalog settings allow for it. 


Daily packs typically ship within 2-3 business days after processing.

If you have further questions about daily packs, check out our Fullscript Daily Packs FAQ.

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