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Last modified: July 18, 2024

ENBIOSIS integration

An Introduction to ENBIOSIS

ENBIOSIS is a provider of AI-assisted microbiome analyses and clinically proven personalized nutrition guideline. By deciphering the complexities of the gut microbiome and its impact on human well-being and diseases, ENBIOSIS offers personalized recommendations to optimize each individual’s microbiome for better health.

Their comprehensive framework involves collecting microbiome samples using convenient at-home test kits. Users also provide lifestyle and health information through a detailed questionnaire. The samples undergo next-generation sequencing, and the resulting data is stored in a biobank, where advanced AI algorithms analyze it to deliver specific, actionable solutions.

The extensive database includes information on trillions of gut bacteria and their relationships with various diseases and nutrients. Leveraging sophisticated AI models, ENBIOSIS offers personalized diet programs, including tailored prebiotic and probiotic recommendations based on the results of the gut microbiome analysis.

Key features of ENBIOSIS

Science-backed technology: ENBIOSIS’s bioscience team has over a decade of experience in microbiome research and the development of integrated biotech products and services.

Personalized food, prebiotic and probiotic suggestions: Personalized health solutions based on a comprehensive analysis of the human gut microbiome.

Next-generation solutions: Advanced AI-powered software assists professionals in designing tailored nutrition plans, prebiotics, and probiotics to reshape patients’ health.

Clinically proven: A clinical study on ENBIOSIS’s AI-powered microbiome analysis and personalized nutrition technology has demonstrated positive effects on patients with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. These findings have been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including the American Journal of Gastroenterology, one of the best clinical journals in gastroenterology and hepatology.


This integration is available to dispensaries in the US and Canada.

Integration setup: ENBIOSIS + Fullscript

The ENBIOSIS integration with Fullscript uses oAuth for setup and activation. To set up the ENBIOSIS + Fullscript integration:

  1. In ENBIOSIS, click Supplements from the list of options on the left side of the page.
    Supplements button on the left side
  2. Click the Connect to Fullscript button.
    Connect to Fullscript button in the upper right hand corner
  3. When redirected, sign in using your existing credentials or sign up to create a new Fullscript dispensary. Select an option and select Continue.
    Sign in or Sign up modal
  4. After signing up or logging in successfully, click Agree.
    Sign in complete modal
  5. Back in ENBIOSIS, you should be notified after successfully connecting to Fullscript. To confirm, you can head to the Supplements page and look for a Connected to Fullscript message in the top right corner.
    Connected to Fullscript indicator in the upper right hand corner

Creating a Fullscript treatment plan in ENBIOSIS

Plans are written directly in ENBIOSIS and transmitted to Fullscript, sending an email to patients to help them activate their account or sign in to review the plan and place an order.

To create a plan in ENBIOSIS:

  1. Begin by clicking Supplements from the menu on the left and selecting Probiotics or Prebiotics.
    Supplements button with Probiotics and Prebiotics categories underneath
  2. The products will be shown in order based on their score related to the uploaded lab results. Users can use the search bar or filter by brand, product type, and allergen. Click the Add to treatment plan button under the product name to add products to the plan.
    Add to treatment plan button underneath
  3. When finished adding products, click the Create a Treatment Plan button.
    Create a treatment plan button
  4. Review selected products, and select Create Treatment Plan to proceed.
    Pop-up to confirm treatment plan
  5. A message will appear notifying you that the treatment plan has been created successfully. Click Continue and finalize to proceed.
    Continue and finalize
  6. Fullscript’s supplement plan tool will appear with the selected products already in the plan. You can include a personal message, attach resources, adjust the dosage for the products, and add new supplements. When finished, select Send recommendation.
    Send recommendation button in FS treatment plan tool.
  7. A final message will appear confirming the recommendation has been sent successfully by email to the patient. Patients will follow this email to activate a new account or sign in to their existing account to view their plan and place an order.
    Confirmation that treatment plan was sent successfully


You can access the entire Fullscript Catalog by accessing the Supplements section, then clicking the Fullscript Dashboard button. The embedded Fullscript supplement plan solution will appear where you can explore and recommend any product in the catalog.

Video: Integration setup and sending recommendations in ENBIOSIS

Frequently asked questions

How much does ENBIOSIS cost?

The cost to use ENBIOSIS is $300 USD for practitioners.

What types of practitioners commonly use ENBIOSIS?

ENBIOSIS is primarily used by Certified Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, and Registered Dietitians.

Do I have access to all Fullscript products through ENBIOSIS?

Yes, the entire Fullscript catalog is available for recommendation through the ENBIOSIS integration. However, only the most relevant products will feature a score pertaining to the associated lab result.

What kind of plans and resources does ENBIOSIS Biotechnology offer?

For more information regarding the science behind ENBIOSIS, please visit

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