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Last modified: July 18, 2024

ChARM integration


An introduction to ChARM

ChARM EHR is a cloud-based online ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management, and medical billing solution for small and medium-sized practices, which dramatically improves practice efficiency and quality of care for patients.


ChARM is only available in the US. This integration is not bi-directional, meaning information is only sent from ChARM to Fullscript — not vice versa.

Integration setup: ChARM + Fullscript

This integration is activated at the clinic level, meaning that one Charm account (with or without multiple providers) can integrate with one Fullscript dispensary (with or without multiple providers) and vice versa.

In ChARM, only the administrator or account owner has the necessary access to authenticate and connect to your Fullscript dispensary successfully.

To set up the Charm + Fullscript integration: 

  1. Log into ChARM and select Settings from the right-hand corner of the page.
  2. From the list, select Fullscript.
    select fullscript from the settings menu
  3. Agree to send patient information from ChARM to Fullscript by checking the box.
  4. Select Choose your Fullscript Account.
    Select Fullscript account.
  5. In the authorization window, select Sign In to enter your Fullscript credentials (username and password) and log in, or select Sign Up to go to the sign-up page.
  6. Select Authorize Application.
    Clickign the authorize the application button.
  7. Once linked, ChARM team members will be listed on the page. Associate each ChARM provider to the corresponding Fullscript account, then click Associate. Repeat this step anytime a new member needs to be linked to Fullscript. 


This is an essential step! Every ChARM member must be matched with a Fullscript account which is only completed by clicking the Associate button. Selecting a member from the drop-down menu and failing to click Associate will not match the accounts.


Staff accounts in ChARM can’t be matched with staff accounts in Fullscript at the moment. Only providers (practitioners) are displayed in the Fullscript Member menu, not staff.

Adding Fullscript practitioners in ChARM

New providers joining the practice or existing ChARM providers without a Fullscript account can be created/invited to Fullscript directly from ChARM by administrators or the ChARM account owner.

To add a new provider to Fullscript from ChARM:

  1. Click Settings > Fullscript.
  2. Find the ChARM team member without a corresponding Fullscript member.
  3. Under Fullscript Member, select Enroll this Member in Fullscript from the bottom of the list.
    click enroll this member in fullscript.
  4. Click Associate. An invitation will be sent to the team member to activate their Fullscript account and log in to the dispensary.

Creating recommendations in ChARM

There are multiple paths to creating a recommendation in ChARM. No matter your preference, the methodology is the same: products are added to patient charts then transmitted to Fullscript. Patients can view charts in their ChARM portal, but orders must be placed directly from Fullscript.

Option 1: Via the Encounter — most popular!

Most practitioners will interact with Fullscript in the chart experience, referred to as Encounters. All visit types, encounter modes, and chart types support Fullscript recommendation.

To create a Fullscript recommendation via a new Encounter:

  1. In the Search Patient by name / ID field, search and select a patient.
  2. Select Dashboard or hit return on your keyboard.
  3. On the left, select Encounters, then + Encounter. If unfinished consultations are found, you can select one to continue or click No, I want to create a new Encounter
  4. For new encounters, next to the Supplements heading, select Add Suppl > Fullscript.


If continuing with a previous encounter, go to the Physician/Chart Notes tab and select Recommendations > Supplements > Add Suppl.

  1. In the Add Supplements from Fullscript modal, search for individual products, load from templates, or search within categories to add products to the patient chart. 
  2. When finished, transmit the recommendation to Fullscript.

Starting a new recommendation from a new encounter in ChARM.

Option 2: Via QuickRX or the Medications tab

Providers can also create Fullscript recommendations using QuickRX or from the Medications tab without an encounter. With both options, you’ll notice that you’re directed to the Supplements tab to continue with the recommendation. 

To start a recommendation from a QuickRX:

  1. Search and select a patient, then click +QuickRX.
  2. Select the Supplements tab.
  3. Select +Supplements > Fullscript to open the Add Supplements from Fullscript modal and add products.
  4. When finished, transmit the recommendation to Fullscript.

To start a recommendation from the Medications tab:

  1. Search and select a patient, then select Dashboard.
  2. Select Medications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Supplements tab.
  4. Click +Supplement > Fullscript to open the Add Supplements from Fullscript modal and add products.
  5. When finished, transmit the recommendation to Fullscript.
Selecting Fullscript from plus Supplement
Selecting Fullscript from + Supplement.

Searching Fullscript products in ChARM

Searching for products in the Add Supplements from Fullscript modal is the same across ChARM, regardless of how you got there!

  • You can search for items by product name and also filter by brand name, type, allergen, and third-party certification to refine a search. You can then Prescribe to add an item to the queue list.
  • Items can be selected from Fullscript templates. Click Add to add the item to the queue list.


Product dosage instructions from Fullscript protocols will carry over to ChARM.

  • You can load and browse Fullscript favorites categories to add products to a patient chart. Click Add to add a product to the queue list.
Searching for Fullscript products in ChARM.


Product quantity and dosing instructions must be added before an item is added to the queue list. You can insert the brand’s dosage instructions by clicking intake details and selecting Fill Supplier Recommended Dosage from Fullscript.

Transmitting recommendations (queued list) to Fullscript

ChARM creates a queue list of products for the provider to transmit to Fullscript. Transmitting from an Encounter differs slightly from transmitting from a QuickRX or the Medications tab.

To transmit a recommendation from an encounter:

  1. While editing an encounter, select the Supplements tab.
  2. Click Transmit from the right-hand side, then Fullscript.
  3. Select all products from the checklist, then click Send.
Transmitting a queued list from an Encounter.
Transmitting a queued list from an Encounter.

To recommend products from the QuickRx or Medications tab:

  1. In the Supplements tab with the Active Supplements filter applied, click + supplement to search or select a product from the list. Check off the desired supplements, then select the options menu ( ), followed by Transmit. The Transaction status column should update to Ready to Transmit
  2. The transmission window will open; select the product in the checklist again and click Send.
Transmitting products from the Medications tab.
Transmitting products from the Medications tab.

Patient matching & unmatching

Email addresses aren’t required for patient profiles in ChARM. However, when you attempt to create a Fullscript recommendation for patients missing an email, an error message will display and you’ll be prompted to enter an email to continue.

When an email address is added to a patient record in ChARM, the integration checks if the email/user exists in Fullscript. If no record is found, the patient is created in Fullscript. If an existing user is found, the integration will match the patient to the existing patient account in Fullscript based on the email alone; first and last names aren’t considered.

Unmatching patient accounts

Patient email addresses are used for logging in and are tied to individual persons in Fullscript. ChARM on the other hand, supports multiple patients (i.e., a family) sharing a single email which can lead to accounts being matched in error. 

This most commonly occurs with families and guardian accounts sharing a single email address (e.g., a mother’s email address) where a provider has treated one family member (e.g., a son) and later treats the email owner (e.g., the mother). Since Fullscript requires a unique email ID for every patient, emails can’t be used for multiple Fullscript accounts in a single dispensary. A new email must be assigned to the existing patient to free up the email for the other patient.

Carrying on with the example, the first step is to unmatch the son’s patient accounts (Fullscript and ChARM) from the mother’s email address. To do so, the son’s email address must be updated in ChARM and Fullscript to free up the email for the mother.


Unmatching accounts doesn’t remove recommendations sent to another patient in error. If needed, you can cancel recommendations in Fullscript to have them removed from an account. It’s easier to use a new email for any subsequent family members, if possible.

To update an email address and unmatch an email from an existing patient’s ChARM account:

  1. In ChARM, go to the patient record where a new email address is being assigned.
  2. Go to Patient Details, then click Edit Patient.
  3. In the Email field, enter the new email address and click Save.
  4. Go to Settings > Fullscript.
  5. Click the Patient Information Update tab.
    Click the patient information update tab.
  6. Search for the patient again in the search field. This loads current ChARM and Fullscript patient account details and displays them side by side.
    comparing charm and fullscript patient account data
  7. Click Update. The patient’s login email in Fullscript will update to the new email address, freeing up the original email for another family member.

Video: Fullscript + ChARM integration

The patient experience

In ChARM, once a recommendation’s status updates from Queued to Transmitted Electronically, the recommendation is emailed to the patient and available in Fullscript. Patients will receive a ‘welcome’ and ‘new recommendation’ email when recommendations are transmitted.

Patients can log into their ChARM portal to review their complete chart, including additional information about the Fullscript recommendation and notes. Still, they will need to log in to Fullscript to place their orders. There is no redirect to Fullscript from their ChARM portal, so directing patients to their email inbox for Fullscript emails is recommended.

a welcome email from fullscript
a new recommendation email from Fullscript
Patient ‘welcome’ and ‘new recommendation’ emails from Fullscript.

Troubleshooting tips & tricks

Common scenarios

Problem: Practitioners can’t write recommendations in ChARM or load Fullscript templates.

Troubleshoot: Are you receiving this common error? “Provider not yet mapped to Fullscript. Please contact your Practice Administrator to map/create your Fullscript account.” 

Solution! The administrator or ChARM account owner must go to Settings > Fullscript and ensure every member in ChARM is associated with a member in Fullscript and that the status reads Enabled. If the status says Not enabled, they need to Associate the accounts.

Providers that aren’t matched to a Fullscript practitioner account are labeled with a Not Enabled status in ChARM. An account owner or administrator must associate with the provider to resolve this error.

Problem: Templates (protocols) from Fullscript aren’t loading in ChARM. They’re empty or loading templates you didn’t create.

Troubleshoot: Double-check that you have saved protocols in Fullscript. If you don’t, you can check out Creating protocols to see how you can create ready-to-go protocols. If you do have protocols, it’s likely an account mismatch issue.

Solution! The administrator or ChARM account owner must go to Settings > Fullscript and ensure the practitioner in ChARM is matched to the correct Fullscript practitioner. Once re-matched, they can submit the change by selecting Associate

Problem: You can’t set up the integration or use the integration.

Troubleshoot: Are you the account owner or an administrator?

Solution! If you aren’t the ChARM account owner or administrator, you must contact their administrator to set it up. If you are and can’t see the Settings, you must contact ChARM directly.

Frequently asked questions

How much does ChARM cost? 

ChARM pricing can be found here!

Can we view recommendations previously written on Fullscript in ChARM?

Not at the moment. Recommendations written/activated from Fullscript will continue to exist in your Fullscript account, but they won’t be shown on your ChARM encounter view.

Does ChARM support multidisciplinary clinics?

Yes. One ChARM account can be integrated with one Fullscript account. All practitioners added to the ChARM account can be integrated with their corresponding Fullscript account. If they don’t have a Fullscript account, they can be enrolled from your ChARM account.

What happens if you delete or deactivate a CHARM integrated account in ChARM to integrate another Fullscript account?

The recommendations that have been written for patients in ChARM will still exist on the patient record. If they’re transmitted already, you won’t be able to move them to another account. When you delete and reactivate a new Fullscript account to the same ChARM account, all future recommendations will be transmitted to the new account. No changes will apply to previously transmitted recommendations.

Can I see order history and order information in ChARM?

No, ChARM doesn’t consume any order information. The only records shown are recommendations that have been written via ChARM previously – no orders or conversions. Practitioners must log in to Fullscript to view order information.

What data does ChARM load and store from Fullscript?

The ChARM integration is centered around treatment plans only. Nothing else! ChARM doesn’t load any Fullscript reports, payouts, financial information, or order information.

When I update a patient record in Fullscript (or ChARM), does it automatically update in the other platform?

No, updating a patient record in Fullscript (i.e., name or email) doesn’t update the record in ChARM. The practitioner must log in to ChARM and update the required fields on the Patient Details page if needed.


Updating an email in ChARM won’t automatically update the email in Fullscript. The practitioner must go through the Patient Information Update steps to update a patient’s email address.

Can I give a patient discount in ChARM?

Yes, you can! Before transmitting a recommendation, there’s an option to change a patient’s individual discount.

Can I create new favorites, add to existing favorites, or edit any of my Fullscript protocols/templates in ChARM?

No, these categories in ChARM are read-only. Edits must be made in Fullscript directly. 

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