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Last modified: May 28, 2024

Canadian dispensaries: Updating dispensary tax information

Requesting changes to tax information 

Once your account is verified by our payment processing partner, changes to your tax information in the platform are limited, specifically, changes to a tax ID, business name, or tax classification.

As a rule of thumb, if the field on the Business financials page is locked (i.e., can’t be edited), a signed document on letterhead is required so our team can update your account with Stripe directly. However, dispensaries must stay with the person or entity who opened the account. We can’t accommodate changes in ownership at this time that would require the transfer of logins, financial report history removal, treatment plan removal, or patient/client removal. 

To request a change to your tax information, please provide us with a document meeting these requirements. The document must:

  • Be presented on a letterhead used by the business or person.
  • Outline required changes and present all new details (e.g., tax identification number, business name, tax classification, financial address, etc.).
  • Be signed by the dispensary owner or business representative displayed on the Business financials page of your dispensary.

Financial address changes

Changes to your financial address can be made from the Business financials page. You should be able to submit changes independently, barring any other verification errors on the page. A signed document is not required for financial address changes.

Unverified Stripe accounts & disabled payouts

Tax information fields may be unlocked if your account can’t be verified or is unverified due to incorrect or out-of-date tax details on hand. In these cases, fields on the Business financials page may unlock so that information can be updated and the page resubmitted. 

If fields remain locked, please provide a signed document outlining necessary changes and send it to


Spelling and date of birth entry errors (even small ones!) will fail verification. Most often, you can return to the Business financials page to make corrections and resubmit the information without providing a signed document.

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